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Full Version: TV Shows: Not all eposodes are listed/found
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I'm using Kodi 14 on my Qnap TS-253p. I've added my movies to the library and now, I want the TV shows added aswell.
But there is some missing. Some shows show no episodes, some other only show the complete season 1 any others again only show a few episodes from season 1. But all shows are listed with the name, I think.
The episoides are named like "Name.of.the.show.SxxExx further text.extension" and there is a folder called "season x" für every season of the show where the episodes are located.

I tried creating a nfo file and have put it into the show-direcory (where the folders with the seasons are), but it didn't change anything.

the episodes, who have been identified have been identified correctly, there only is missing a lot.

Does anyone know what could be the reason?


best regards, Thorsten
I'm surprised - is this a such odd problem that no one has experienced that before?
(2015-08-18, 18:44)_User_ Wrote: [ -> ]I'm surprised - is this a such odd problem that no one has experienced that before?

More like, it's such a common problem with various possible causes that without specific details or debug log (wiki) it's hard to give helpful advice.

...Hard, but not impossible. Based on the fact that you say only season 1 episodes ever get found, it's likely you've somehow got the "Use absolute ordering (single season)" setting selected in the scraper settings.

To check and fix:
Go to the TV show source folder in File view, bring up the context menu ('c' or right-mouse-click) select "Change content" and then click the Settings button.
Make sure neither the DVD order or Absolute order settings are checked. Press OK (twice) to save the changes.
Hopefully when you refresh a show, all the episodes will now get found.

If you want to refresh all the shows in one go, change the content type to "none" first and remove all items from the library, then change it back to "TV shows". Be sure to double-check the settings.

If it turns out not to be that, then you'll need to provide a debug log (wiki) with you refreshing a show to get a proper diagnosis.
Thanks, that probably was the reason.
Although I had to create a tvshow.nfo for every show because after changing the settings and resetting the library, only two shows wew identified (but now complete).
And now, it takes way longer to update the library I see that as good sign.
You don't need an NFO file for every show. In fact, if you set things up correctly you don't need any NFO files at all. The show just has to be listed at TheTVDB.com (or whichever scraper you chose)

Read the FAQ: Naming_video_files/TV_shows (wiki)

Reorganise your shows so they fit that model closer.

\\server\tv shows\Family Guy\Series 01\Family.Guy.s01e01.avi
\\server\tv shows\Family Guy\Series 01\Family.Guy.s01e02.avi
\\server\tv shows\Family Guy\Series 02\Family.Guy.s02e01.avi
\\server\tv shows\Family Guy\Series 02\Family.Guy.s02e02.avi


Personally I also have TheTvDB.com open in a web browser so I can compare results when the searches fail. As TheTVDB.com is US biased it means some shows need to have country names added to be identified correctly.

Clearly something odd is going on here. The debug log will show the real issues, but giving us some *actual* path examples of shows that don't work may help.