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Full Version: skin helper service
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(2016-04-08, 11:00)marcelveldt Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-04-08, 10:52)tomer953 Wrote: [ -> ]but, any thoughts why the animated posters is working on one view, but not work in others? I put exactly the same "image" control, and it just not working on some views..

Do you have background=true set to your image control ?

here it's working:
and here not:

I also checked in Titan, it's working only in ~50% of your skin views...
Edit: ^ Forget about it, one post below explains it.

and some more things I've noticed:
2) the context menu is not working for me, and there is no setting available in the helper settings to set it on (latest git).
3) the helper is not appear in the "video add ons" suddenly.
4) any chance to limit the size of the animated poster being downloaded? some are huge! some slider in the addon settings to set limit will be great... + any way to completly cancel the animated fanarts? I want to enable posters without fanarts (I don't want to download them too)

which image control tomer?

Window property doesn't working in lists i.e. itemlayout and focusedlayout so that may be the issue?. Marcel has added Listitems which during my quick testing seems to be working in a lists.

@Marcel, can you tell me when the 2 Listitems are written? when briefly testing in a list I saw some posters working but others were not? So Im just wondering when the Listitems are written.

I'll do some more testing this weekend and let you know as I noticed a couple of things last week but want to double check first before bothering you.
oh Mike_Doc, got it, thx.

Is the animated context menu just for choosing a different poster / background? Skin helper will still automatically grab the 0 gif?
For context menu, it's with "C" button on keyboard, that's right ?
(2016-04-08, 19:20)Guilouz Wrote: [ -> ]For context menu, it's with "C" button on keyboard, that's right ?

yes... or right click on an item.
(2016-04-08, 19:20)Guilouz Wrote: [ -> ]For context menu, it's with "C" button on keyboard, that's right ?
Better ask Marcel if this working for Krypton version, I think that not working for that version...but wait Author to confirm.
First off, thank you, thank you and indeed thank you for writing the animated posters to the database and so making them available via ListItem.Art. There's a few performance issues I need to look at (related, from what I can see, to Kodi loading and displaying them and not to Skin Helper downloading and saving them) before I add them as an official feature, but with the .Art functionality I'm so much closer than I was before Smile

One tiny request, and feel free to ignore it (not only is it not particularly important but, when I have chance - which admittedly won't be for a week or two - if its not something you'll add, I'll see myself what it would take to add it to the script): Any possibility of having a function available for the skin to call, to scan the library and download (and update the database with) the animated artwork for all library content? Whilst the widgets can now display the animated artwork correctly once it's downloaded, actually getting the artwork into the library still isn't as streamlined as with something like the artwork downloader addon (I'm a home-screen guy, and actually getting the artwork still relies on getting it for the currently focused widget item only, and then the .Art will only work when the page or the widget has been refreshed). Thanks as always for your hard work and consideration Smile
What can i do to fix this problem?


When an animated poster from skin helper service will shown, are all my other posters blank, but only when tvtunes is active, if tvtunes is not active, is all ok.
(2016-04-08, 19:20)Guilouz Wrote: [ -> ]For context menu, it's with "C" button on keyboard, that's right ?

If your updating from GIT make sure to copy across the addon.xml (this is where the context menus are set).
(2016-04-09, 12:46)cd-r Wrote: [ -> ]What can i do to fix this problem?



When tvtunes is NOT active, is all normal, all posters will shown, but when tvtunes is active, are all blank!

This is a thread mostly for skinners or people using this helper addon. I would advise you to post your issue in the skin thread for the skin you are using.

I use this addon...when an animated poster from skin helper service will shown, are all my other posters blank.

Sorry, i have forgotten write this to in my prevouis post. facepalm myself
perhaps you could read the thread or even skin helper readme? Just look at some of my posts from the last 2 pages and you'll probably find the reason why that is happening!

@cd-r do you mean you are using the add-on to add to actually code it into a skin or just using the add-on via installing it in the skin you are using?

As Im85288 said, this is thread is for skinners not users, if you are a user then please go the thread for the skin you are using and ask the skin author why it's not working. There should not be any dependency on TVTunes?

would It be possible to get trakt.tv data like rating/votes/Plays and so on?
I discovered something interesting regarding the animated artwork...

I had this in the VAR for my itemlayout:

<value condition="Skin.HasSetting(SkinHelper.EnableAnimatedPosters) + !IsEmpty(ListItem.Art(animatedposter))">$INFO[ListItem.Art(animatedposter)]</value>

Which resulted in no animated poster in the list... Turns out that the IsEmpty check is failing.
If I replace it with this, it's working:

<value condition="Skin.HasSetting(SkinHelper.EnableAnimatedPosters) + !StringCompare(ListItem.Art(animatedposter), )">$INFO[ListItem.Art(animatedposter)]</value>

Anyone else seeing this behaviour ?