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Full Version: skin helper service
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(2016-04-02, 11:14)marcelveldt Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-03-25, 16:30)im85288 Wrote: [ -> ]Hi Marcel, I noticed certain property's are not getting reset, such as the tagline from tmdb so had a look at the code. In the resetWindowProps method of ListItemMonitor.py there are some fields missing from having their info cleared. Quite a few of them are from tmbd. Please have a look when you can.

Should now be fixed on Git


I noticed yesterday that the Revenue amount for The Revenant being pulled from the TMDB API for was way off. It was reporting $167m whereas the TMDB website was was reporting $519m. I thought it may be an issue with the TMDB API database so I posted on their forum but was advised that the Revenue amount for The Revenant was updated from $167m to $519m on 23 April. I deleted the json cache files today and now the correct amount of $519m is being pulled, so looks like it was a persistent cache issue.

I was wondering if one of the TMDB properties not being reset (as referred to in im85288's post) was the "Revenue" property. If so, is it set to reset now?

Many thanks

I get many errors. You can respond ?

(2016-05-23, 15:09)Alyy Wrote: [ -> ]I get many errors. You can respond ?

You can ignore them, these are safe errors. I'll remove them in future update.
(2016-05-03, 22:57)tomer953 Wrote: [ -> ]a little bump if I may ?
+ do you think of a way to increase\decrease subtitle font in real-time? maybe with the FR above I will reach it, but i'm not sure.

Sorry, i totally forgot about it. It's now added on Git, details in the readme.
You can try to use that approach for the subtitle font, it may work
(2016-05-04, 09:15)Mike_Doc Wrote: [ -> ]Gotcha, I wanted to use it differently, my busy spinner at the moment is a single .png with a rotate on it so in effect it is animated by the control not by the number of pngs, so it would be an image not a multiimage control. I guess I'll have to design some new spinners before I can build this in? I'll code it some the existing is used when path,none and then use multiimage when !path.none.

If you want I can add in an extra check for png file sin the root folder.
(2016-05-06, 19:03)im85288 Wrote: [ -> ]The Alphabet picker is great, one thing I cannot work out how to do is to keep the alphabet picker in sync with the container scroll letter.
When I navigate left to the alphabet picker I would like M to be selected, instead the letter that was last in focus is selected so could be anywhere on the list.
Do you have any idea how to keep that in sync?

I get what you're saying but that is not solveable I'm afraid. The container with the alphabet has no clue of which letter is actually selected. If you really want to solve it, you can add a very complex focus condition to your skin:
StringCompare(ListItem.SortLetter,A) --> SetFocus(alphabetcontainer,1) etc. etc.

(2016-05-06, 19:03)im85288 Wrote: [ -> ]Another issue which I have had for a while but not reported is that the cast images fail to return (from the addon cast widget) when there is animated artwork available. Again in the screenshot above you can see that with Mad Max: Fury Road. When I select a movie without an animated poster the cast images display correctly. Very strange but is reproducible, checking the logs I could not see anything at all to indicate why/how that would happen.

Hmm, I don't see those two are related as the animated artwork is delivered through background service and the cast by a dynamic path in a container. Sure there is no typo inside your skin code somewhere ? If you enable the verbose logging for the script, does it in fact try to perform a lookup ? There should be a logline that the script is called with the getcast parameter
(2016-05-06, 23:33)Angelinas Wrote: [ -> ]Marcel can you check why this not working
in pluginContent.py change some line

The line you changed will actually break favourites on android machines...
There must be a reason why it didn't work in the first place. Is your favourites.xml file in the correct location ? no path substitution or whatsoever ?
(2016-05-07, 02:02)Guilouz Wrote: [ -> ]How is working save skin image feature ?
What is the syntax to backup and restore ?

#### Save skin image
The Kodi builtin Skin.SetImage() only links to a image on a external location, good enough for most situations.
If skin settings are transfered this is a bit inconvenient as the image is lost.
The method in this script will save the image that the user selects to the skin's folder in addon_data, that way the image is preserved.
Also when a skin backup is made by using this script's backup feature, the image will also be copied.

PHP Code:
RunScript(script.skin.helper.service,action=saveskinimage,skinstring=[THE SKIN STRING TO SET],multi=[OPTIONALtrue/false],header=[OPTIONALheader for select window]) 

You must supply the name of the skin string that must be set with the result (path will be stored as special://)
Optional you can specify if you allow image folders to be selected (multiimage) or a custom dialog header.

(2016-05-07, 02:12)Rjsachse Wrote: [ -> ]Hello Marcel, I have a skinning question about the colour picker. How would I go about adding a progress control behind the opacity slider?

I am not sure if you can control a slider control with skinning only.
Did you try to set a numeric value as info to a slider control ? Did that work ?

If so, I can make sure to add an additional window prop with the numeric value of the opacity.
If not, I can set the slider for you from the script but that will require a static id on the slider control.
(2016-05-12, 21:40)bsoriano Wrote: [ -> ]As I know the script is not yet in Transifex, I took the English strings.po from Git and translated it to Spanish. If you would like, you can add Spanish to your resources' language folder. Here is the file (would need to rename to strings.po):

Thanks! Just updated it on Git.
The script is submitted to Transifex but not yet approved, hopefully it will be soon.
(2016-05-13, 04:20)Guilouz Wrote: [ -> ]I have full french translation too if you want.

That would be great!
(2016-05-16, 18:34)tymmy Wrote: [ -> ]Kodi does not exit or completly close.
I updated to jarvis 16.1 in early april and I am using madox from the last week in april. I am using windows 10. Recently Kodi was not closing completely on exit and had to manually close the program.
After watching it for a couple of weeks since it was random, I found this was happening only when I updated my music database. I have 3 systems running and it is happening on all 3 systems. I have updated Movies and no problem
closing kodi. It will always happen after updated music. It will not happen if there is no update, only when a change is made (album added or nfo created), So running the update scan is not the problem. Not even sure if this is a Kodi or skin problem. Hopefully someone
can get me looking in the right direction for some help. Here are the lines when it wont close. If that's any help

Thanks for the catch, I've just fixed this on Git. It will be on the repo soon.
You can manually download the updated version from Git but in that case make sure to manually unpack the zip file and overwrite into the addons folder in Kodi, do not install the zip directly in Kodi...

(2016-05-17, 01:32)leejk Wrote: [ -> ]I been having some issues with Kodi making calls to the YouTube addon, but since the addon has been uninstalled, these calls force the constant asking to install the Youtube addon. Originally I thought this was a CinemaVision issue, but discovered that it is this script that is for some reason making the calls to the nonexistent YouTube addon.

Which skin are you using ? Can you check if there is something in your favourites with this path ?
(2016-05-23, 18:49)marcelveldt Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-05-13, 04:20)Guilouz Wrote: [ -> ]I have full french translation too if you want.

That would be great!

Here french translation : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxrzR2L...sp=sharing
(2016-05-23, 17:28)marcelveldt Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-05-03, 22:57)tomer953 Wrote: [ -> ]a little bump if I may ?
+ do you think of a way to increase\decrease subtitle font in real-time? maybe with the FR above I will reach it, but i'm not sure.

Sorry, i totally forgot about it. It's now added on Git, details in the readme.
You can try to use that approach for the subtitle font, it may work

oh thx..
but you have a little mistake there, please modify:
resources\lib\MainModule.py lines 638-644
change "value" to "newValue".
Quote: if value.lower() == "true":
value = 'true'
elif value.lower() == "false":
value = 'false'
elif isInt==False:
value = '"%s"' %value
xbmc.executeJSONRPC('{"jsonrpc":"2.0", "id":1, "method":"Settings.SetSettingValue","params":{"setting":"%s","value":%s}}' %(settingname,newValue))

b.t.w, I PR'd translation... please consider to merge as well.