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Full Version: skin helper service
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Hi Marcel,

Is the alphabet scrollbar working in Krypton? I select a letter get the busy icon and then nothing so just wondering if it's how I'm using it or if it is not working in Krypton?


(2016-08-29, 02:46)Leoje Wrote: [ -> ]When play internet radio streams from Kodi radio addon, if the artist name is 'The Offspring' the skinhelper find and show well all artwork, logo, artdisc, thumb, etc... But if the artist name is 'Offspring' the skinhelper can't find anything...
It's possible find a way to fix this?

Hmmm, that's strange. Lookups are primary handled by musicbrainz and that is pretty smart in handling these kind of typos.
Did you enable online lookups in the skinhelper addon settings ?
(2016-08-29, 05:07)djhifi Wrote: [ -> ]You mean even IMDB ratings are getting updated? Well...they are not, cause aeon mq7 has view mods which display ratings centered (rotten tomatoes, meta critic, Imdb) and the skin itself has its own imdb display of ratings (check this to understand):

On the very first picture of that thread, you see the discrepancies in the number of votes between the imdb ratings ? Middle and top right. The only one which is updatable is IMDB TOP RIGHT and via an addon. My ratings are not refreshing mate. In order to do so (and only for imdb as i said) i need to use an addon.

Which ones are you meaning that are being refreshed? Cause IMDB surely aint :S

OK, I should have been more clear... The ratings provided by this script are updated at every fresh Kodi boot, also dependant of OMDB API which doesn't refresh every day. The IMDB rating that is stored in the Kodi database (and what every skin uses by default) is NOT updated automatically. There is an addon to auto update those ratings but you already found out.
(2016-08-31, 02:10)djhifi Wrote: [ -> ]PS: Is it true that skin helper only updates ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and others once a week ?

The script uses data from OMDB and caches it for the Kodi session. Close Kodi = reset cache.
Someone here mentioned that OMDB refreshes their data once a week so there's your answer ;-)
(2016-08-31, 09:40)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]Could you please add a window property for the TVShow IMDB number of the currently playing episode?
I assume it should be easy to fetch it via JSON with the VideoPlayer.TvShowTitle info label.

Noted on my TODO list as I'm currently reworking parts of the code for optimization and stability.
Also, I try to avoid doing stuff in the background while the player is busy to prevent any disturbance of Video playback.
I'll have to find a way to provide functionality in the background service while the user has control what is enabled (opt-in).

To be continued :-)
(2016-08-31, 18:51)DolGuldur Wrote: [ -> ]I think Implementing this idea would be awesome marcel if you can get the reviews working I'm planning to add a separate window for the list of reviews and other scores for my mod for aeon mq7 in the dialogue video screen which already uses a lot of information from the amazing addon skin helper service, like imdb, imdb top 250 rotten tommatos, medtacritics, etc, this is my mod you can check it out here
However If rottentomatos add tv show support to their api, are you planning to add it to the script, because on their website they say tv show support comming soon. Thanks

I applied for a developer API key at rotten tomatoes directly. Let's hope I get one from them and than a lot more is possible ;-)
(2016-09-13, 16:03)Solo0815 Wrote: [ -> ]that doesn't work on the list for recordings Sad
What I want is:
If the user searches for a PVR "Artwork" manually with skin.helper, the script should search om IMDB and then grab ALL possible fanart (Poster, Thumb, Fanart, clearlogo etc.). So all artwork is changed for this recording.

Just fixed on Git:

1) You can now pass the year (or premiere date) to the getpvrthumb method on the webservice for more accurate results.

2) At manual lookups, a list is diaplayed with all closest matches from TMDB so the user can select the preferred entry.

So if you grab the latest version from Git it should behave more like the way you want.
(2016-09-16, 02:08)djhifi Wrote: [ -> ]Intopic: Previous posts back, I posted a question/findings, relative to OMBD api refreshes/updates. Some people say it does so weekly...but it's not even monthly. Can you clarify that question?
For example, my Conjunring 2 movie has been without any updates for 3 weeks now. (im using donguldur info display mod)

Hmmm, I'm not 100% sure how often OMDB updates their data. Maybe someone can ask them to be sure ?

As for the reviews: I applied for an API key at Rotten Tomatoes but did not yet receive an reply. We'll have to wait untill I received the API key so I can start developing the support. Also in that case I can trade in the ratings parts for the realtime rotten tomatoes info instead of the OMDB info which should fix the refreshing issues.
(2016-09-17, 14:56)venki5star Wrote: [ -> ]Hi,
I am getting the Skin Helper Service error everytime I start Kodi and also when I try to install MIMIC or Titan skin.

I have extracted the Log and the following is the block where is error is logged.

You shouldn't install by ZIP because that way you won't receive any dependencies.
Use the Kodi repo for the stable versions of the script. The beta version of the script is hosted on the Emby beta repo and on a few other repos hosted by skinners.

This script should get installed by a skin that supports it, there is normally no need to install it by hand.
If your skin doesn't support it, you will get ZERO functionality from this addon :-)
(2016-09-17, 16:15)Solo0815 Wrote: [ -> ]1. Is there any code, that I can use to display Artwork in DialogFullscreenInfo?
gives nothing.
<texture background="true">http://localhost:52307/getpvrthumb&amp;title=$INFO[VideoPlayer.Title]&amp;channel=$INFO[VideoPlayer.ChannelName]&amp;type=banner</texture>
gives the correct image, but there is no way to check if it is getting something back, that can be used with <visible>-tags (IsEmpty).

2. Is there a setting to choose the language on tmbd for posters etc.?

3. I have enabled PVR-Thumbs for EPG-entries and I get this error:
code 404, message Not Found

1) No not at the moment because of the simple fact that I halt all background processing once fullscreen playback is busy to prevent any interference with the video playback or whatsoever. It's more like a safety guard because this addon is installed on so many Kodi clients. I'm currently reworking parts of the script and I'm thinking about a way to opt-in such features. More info will follow soon.

BTW: A simple workaround is to use the webservice and set the fallback property:

<texture background="true">http://localhost:52307/getpvrthumb&amp;title=$INFO[VideoPlayer.Title]&amp;channel=$INFO[VideoPlayer.ChannelName]&amp;type=banner&amp;fallback=ListItem.icon</texture>

2) No, it follows the Kodi language as preferred option and fallback to english.

3) Does this happen all the time or only for entries with some special characters in the name ?
(2016-09-22, 04:25)Edworld Wrote: [ -> ]A couple of sites that offer ratings, not sure if you would be interested in adding them:



Looking at those sites it doesn't seem they provide an API to access their data from this script.
(2016-09-25, 00:39)pdo65 Wrote: [ -> ]I thought that this skin helper service was for ALL skins to use?

Yes, but a skin has to implement it's features. It's a script for skinners: Skin Helper Service.
It's features are enabled by skins. Standalone this addon will do practically nothing.

There are a lot of skins nowadays which use all or parts of this addon's features.
(2016-09-25, 15:17)Rantanplan-1 Wrote: [ -> ]Would like to use pvr Images (IMDB) also in VideoFullscreen.xml, is there currently a way to do it? If not, any plans to include it?

(would like to show Poster or Thumbs for the currently playing movie (pvr).)

did already try to use "Window(Home).Property(SkinHelper.PVR.Poster)" (via Settings enabled) which didnt work.


See my other reply about this question:


In short: No not atm but workaround is there if you use the webservice.
The reason is that I don't want to do any background processing that may interfere with video playback.
This is something that might be added later but only with opt-in by the skin/user.
(2016-09-25, 21:26)ragman82 Wrote: [ -> ]it seems the skin.helper.servie is buggin out my Aeonmw6 mod skin. (and also the other Aeon skin and even the confluence)

Anyone got the problem too?
Is there a place where i can find the older versions of the plugin?

Please describe "buggin out"
What is the issue ? Do you have an error in your log ?

You may want to try to reinstall by hand, the script is on the Kodi repo:

(2016-09-26, 21:45)Guilouz Wrote: [ -> ]Here you find french translation for new script.skin.helper.colorpicker addon :

Thanks for your contribution!