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Full Version: skin helper service
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(2016-10-20, 15:59)marcelveldt Wrote: [ -> ]
(2016-10-19, 21:15)Guilouz Wrote: [ -> ]Hi marcel, I have many error with latest git version (latest skin helper service and all other addons) :

Please, please, please READ THE FORUM POSTS Big Grin

I am reworking the entire skinhelper so keep away of the git version, stick with older version for now.

I will post here on this forum as soon as I'm ready with the refactoring

Some suggestions on you reworking process:

Add service typo to addon to manager things when kodi start or when setting time to run it...
Two new settings "run service":
1 - Kodi start.
2- At time __:__ hours.

Reading xmltv.xml file if exists to grab EPG info from that file, like pvr thumbs or icon src and logos from channels, name of program description.... (at service typo running).
New setting:
Road to xmltv file: ______ (if setting is set then on run time script send message: Please wait reading your xmltv file!!!
On Finnish script send message to user: Add xx programs to skin helper service...

By doing this all most programs can be populate with information very fast and don't need to grab information to the web... I think... Tongue

A new way how manual lockup can be:

By using setting of priority:
To movies.
To TV shows.
To National shows.
To News channels.

Let say we have a movie to scrap and on menu Movies we set this priority:

By doing this if movie is found on IMDB addon don't lookup on TMDB... Because user prefer that site or have a account...

I think what you are doing with script.module.skin.helper.artutils are just the begin of a great tool.

On that great tool you can add more API's form different sources like for example: National shows...

Coders can add new way of scraping from diverse sites and link it to your new way of setting thing's... Blush

Just a idea using any video plugin from kodi repo we can see that plugins scraps information for that sites...

A example: RTP Play from Portuguese national TV. Course are others...

Please keep the fantastic work and one more time A big thank's for yours tools. They are just great.

(2016-10-21, 12:37)telexxingou Wrote: [ -> ]Is there any possibilty to get all albums for a selected artist like for movieset ?

Like Window(Home).Property(SkinHelper.MovieSet.X.Poster) for example
Thank you

Yes, that will be available in the new version, expect first beta around the end of the week
Hello Marcel, first I want to thank you for a fantastic script. If possible, I have a request concerning the budget and revenue data from TMDB. I am getting strange results from these, and at first I thought it may have just been scraping domestic totals, but the numbers are really just all over the place. For example, The Amazing Spider-man(2012) should have a budget and revenue of 215/752 million according to TMDB, but the script is scraping it as 52/355 million? Could you take a look at this? Also, it'd be great to have the worldwide revenue figures instead of the domestic.

Also, if possible, could you add the theatrical release date from tmdb as well? Thanks.
Hey Marcelveldt

Check this out: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=295046
I'm not sure if the issue still exists in github, just thought I'd let you know.
Any update please Marcel?


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Have patience @CBers

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(2016-11-02, 05:16)VikkiXavier Wrote: [ -> ]Have patience @CBers

Laugh Only pulling his leg Big Grin
Hi guys. I'm not sure if this is the right place for user support, but then again, I'm not even sure if my situation is a bug or just a feature that I expected and isn't there.

Anyway, this is my problem:

I use in my Kodi, both in the Arctic Zephyr skin and in Mimic v4, a widget to show random pictures from a pictures folder (through samba). There are about 4,800 files in that folder. The widget shows random photos from it, which I like. The problem however is this: the 'random photos' order is never updated. Not while in a Kodi instance, but not even when I reboot. It doesn't matter which of the skins I'm in, the widget always shows the exact same 10 pictures in the same order. (Movie widgets with random order are updated every once in a while, which is why I'd expect it in the pictures widget as well.) The only time I noticed when the widget showed a different order, is when I added some files to my photos folder. Somehow the widget got recalibrated by that move. But I don't think that's a practical solution.

I hope you understand what I mean?

Is this a bug, or is it as designed (i.e. this refreshing is not a feature), or should I've changed some setting? (But which?) Help please. Smile

edit: It's been explained to me that what I'm looking for is something that has to be done in the skin, not something to do with the script. So disregard the above. Wink
I got Skin Helper Service error:
LOG - http://pastebin.com/MUEZiYVd
Hello Marcel,

I am trying to split ListItem.FileName for use on the movie information window (View_50_List).
I searched the Titan skin for an example and I tried all kinds of approaches that I deducted from the (unrelated) RunScript examples I found, but I am stuck.

This is what I am trying to split, but I don't know how and where I should put this statement.

I am not a skinner, so I hope you can provide me with a working example or point me in the right direction.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Hello Marcel

Been loving your addon since day 1

Is there a way to have a theme come up for certain dates?

Like a Christmas theme that shows from 1st-dec to 31st-dec

Or a birthday theme for family birthdays

And is there a way to set a theme manually via the skinner without using the dialog to select a theme?

Also could you make a list of themes change at random with time intervals?

I konw you are busy cleaning up the code and making different modules.

Thanks for your time. Big Grin
Hello Marcel,

Since I saw today in your GitHub that you mentioned being done with the refactoring, here are the links for the Spanish (es_es) translations for the strings for the service and the other modules that you created that support localized strings. Please let me know if I missed any or if you would like me to update again. I provide this here since you don't have this project in Transifex.



Marcel , I keep step with your changes...
I like what you change so far, almost all working as before.
But little sugestion :I am windows user, please set module name with low character.(I hate to change ewery time when you change somthing in script)
this 5 names
Info for PVR Working ,but Context button not working, For me...I have strange info for some popular new movies.Some condition for search is wrong)

Info for PVR Now Have all stings and Its magnificant SmileWink


Here is the Spanish strings file for the helper service addon, since I saw you updated that today.



Almost ready guys, I'm currently testing and working out the latest bits. The whole refactoring job took me some more time I originally anticipated ;-)
Good news is that in the meanwhile I've added some cool new features.

Please be patient for a few more days untill I wrap up all work and update the several README's.