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Full Version: skin helper service
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Hi Marcel,
I'm hoping you might be able to assist and give some feedback on a dilemma I'm having just now.

In the MyPVRChannels.xml file, I currently have it configured to show the current channel title, plot, start/end times and poster artwork. In addition, I'm also displaying the next programme title, along with the next plot, start/end times for the next programme. What I wanted to know is it possible to show the poster artwork for next programme item as well, as I haven't been able to figure out how to achieve this action?
Can annoying verify if this is working with kodi v18?
(2016-12-12, 20:33)Wanilton Wrote: [ -> ]@Mike_Doc use Formatted2 for have track number.

Not for me it doesn't. Formatted2 just adds duration. No track numbers!
@Marcel, look image first item donĀ“t have dot in front album name, only in the first item



The problem in epg with the same titel of a show is again there.....

When there are 2 shows behind he only shows the same plot, but they have different plots....

Evening Marcel,

Could you please look at adding formatted versions of these 2 music listitems when you have the time:



getting issue to backup setting of estuary mod skin 1.7.2
ERROR: Skin Helper Backup --> ERROR in __main__ ! --> 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xcc in position 27: ordinal not in range(128)
@Marcel here are screenshots where you see the issues with epg plot


the same plot on NOT the same episodes
That isn't isue..your title and channel are same in both images, logical resultat be....... same plot(this is plot for tvshow)
Your pvr showing title, not subtitle(episode name).
Mine epg in pvr showing subtitle as title, and i have diferent plot for same tvshow but diferent title(plot for episode name).
Hi Marcel,

It is a performance issue for the 'Skin Helper Service' list (artists)
and /or
'Skin Helper Service' is not running at the windows DialogAlbumInfo.xml DialogSongInfo.xml.

Short tests:

- I'm on the level of Artists,
- I choose one artist - (artist does not have a set properties by 'Skin Helper Service' )
- I quickly press the button <I> - (artist does not have a set properties by 'Skin Helper Service' )
- I open a window DialogAlbumInfo.xml - (artist does not have a set properties by 'Skin Helper Service' )
- 'Skin Helper Service' does not receive properties of the artist, when I'm in the DialogAlbumInfo.xml (no matter how long) - 'Skin Helper Service' properties are 'empty' Sad
- I go out of the window DialogAlbumInfo.xml
- I wait a moment
- 'Skin Helper Service' gets the property of the artist.
'Skin Helper Service' doesn't receive properties of the artist, when I'm in the DialogAlbumInfo.xml (even when nothing download before)
Could you add a feature that the windows DialogAlbumInfo.xml and DialogSongInfo.xml checks for downloaded properties for the selected item to the ListItem if the lack of this it download them.
and / or
Could you add a function (tool), which is used at skin level (additional command) read all the properties for the parameter data.
RunScript (script.skin.helper.service, action = .....................)

I have a library of 400 artists. (Artist1 ... Artist400)
Simplecache.db base is filled with data.
- I'm on the level of Artists (vertical list)
- I choose Artist1
- I press the key 'down arrow' and I hold it,
- Quickly I move to the other artists.
- Stops the Artist65 and press the button <I>
- I go to the window DialogAlbumInfo.xml
- Item from KODI shows Artist65
- unfortunately 'Skin Helper Service' has collected data for Artista7 and shows them in the window DialogAlbumInfo.xml. Sad
- 'Skin Helper Service' doesn't update data in the DialogAlbumInfo.xml.Sad
- I wait a moment
- 'Skin Helper Service' gets the property Artist65.
'Skin Helper Service' can not keep up with the refresh data based on changes in the list.
'Skin Helper Service' does not refresh the property of the artist, when I'm in the DialogAlbumInfo.xml or DialogSongInfo.xml (left any previously read).

I open up listitem_monitor.py and replace line 78
elif xbmc.getCondVisibility(
                    "System.HasModalDialog | Window.IsActive(progressdialog) | "
                    "Window.IsActive(busydialog) | Container.Scrolling"):
new code:
elif xbmc.getCondVisibility(
                    # "System.HasModalDialog | Window.IsActive(progressdialog) | "
                    "Window.IsActive(progressdialog) | "
                    "Window.IsActive(busydialog) | Container.Scrolling"):
... works for me correctlyBlush

If you find a little time, check it please.Smile
(2016-12-10, 00:43)Rjsachse Wrote: [ -> ]Have you had any chance working on the themes request? Also could you add "size" to the save skin settings for creating themes

No yet, still ironing out some bugs. Also been busy with some other stuff at home last days but last net couple of days I have some more time again.
The plan is to reach a stable state within days, submit to Kodi repo and after that start looking at implementing new requests.
Maybe if it's a small one to fix, I can add it in before the repo push.

hat exactly do you mean btw with "size" for creating the themes ?
(2016-12-10, 01:32)wheatfield Wrote: [ -> ]I can get art at group level now. Thanks! I'll be content with this until I find another PVR backend.

OK, great! Maybe you don't need another PVR if you find out how to append the TV Show title to your episodes.

FYI: I'm using Tvheadend myself and it's always working great so far and seems to especially play nice with Kodi.
(2016-12-10, 01:36)wheatfield Wrote: [ -> ]I get this when I do a manual scrape. TVDB images don't appear. I don't know if this is just a problem with my setup, but thought it was worth posting.
EDIT: Nevermind, tvdb images are working now. It must've been the site.

Yeah, if the site is unreachable you will get errors like that.
(2016-12-10, 07:20)xodi Wrote: [ -> ]Got some time out errors, but when I access these URLs in laptop, it's very fast, and the jsons are very small, don't know why they are timed out.

Those are not errors but debug lines telling that the script has rate limited requests.
That is GOOD and not BAD. We don't want to overload the metadata sites with requests so I built some logic to rate limit the requests.
Notice the logline, it's saying "debug" and not "error" or "warning" So, please ignore :-)
(2016-12-10, 17:14)xodi Wrote: [ -> ]Got a bunch of errors when exiting Kodi.

One time only or do you get that repeatedly ?
It will happen only if some objects are already cleaned up by the garbage collector and some other process still tries to use them.