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Full Version: skin helper service
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(2017-03-02, 13:13)otemato Wrote: [ -> ]"Property(SkinHelper.ListItem.Cast)"

But I don't have any cast's name appearing in the view.
How and where do I have to call the cast list to have them directly in a view?

A full cast list in just a little line of text ? That is not going to work.
First of all because that long list will never fit in a single, short label and secondly it will look terrible.
What is it that you want to show and where ? Maybe I can help you out.

BTW: The script will not provide you the castlist in text (only as a widget).
You should use $INFO[ListItem.Cast] instead while inside the medialibrary, note that this will output a very long line of text with all castmembers
(2017-03-03, 02:50)Edworld Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure if this is something you can fix in the script, eliminate decimal points on box office dollars.
Not in the picture below, but can you add a decimal point to tvdb? It displays 9 instead of 9.0

(2017-03-11, 01:53)marcelveldt Wrote: [ -> ]
(2017-03-03, 02:50)Edworld Wrote: [ -> ]Not sure if this is something you can fix in the script, eliminate decimal points on box office dollars.
Not in the picture below, but can you add a decimal point to tvdb? It displays 9 instead of 9.0



watch gallery

I have noticed that I now have movies that are no longer displaying ratings (rotten, imdb, metacritic, etc). To name a few:

2001 odyssey
A clockwork orange
A fistful of dollars

This started happening a couple of days ago

Thanks for looking into this
(2017-03-04, 10:58)heula Wrote: [ -> ]I have the second widget for PVR timers but I see there all kinds of weird things. In the Timer sub menu I see all upcoming recordings for the next days but in the widget I see all my timers that have no broadcast date and is set to 01-01-1970. I only want to see all the upcoming recordings that are broadcasted. Is that possible?

I know this was a bug in Jarvis because all the recordings without broadcast date were seen as 01-01-1970 in the Timers Sub Menu as well but in Krypton the Timer Sub Menu only shows the actual upcoming recordings. Unfortunatly the widget does not.

Please check with next update, I fixed some stuff for this today.
(2017-03-04, 12:06)Gade Wrote: [ -> ]I can't find any info on $INFO[Window(Home).Property(SkinHelper.PVR.Trailer)]?

(2017-03-04, 12:17)Angelinas Wrote: [ -> ]Good Job...I hope that you continue to work on your repo on Git-hub...There is much faster changes and have good Wiki Smile

Offcourse, I develop on Github, testversions on my beta repo and stable versions on the kodi repo
(2017-03-04, 12:27)Gracus Wrote: [ -> ]Seems the issue is still there and skin helper just crash once you have finished to set the artworks

That's because I only fixed the issue today. Update coming asap to the repo

Up to version 1.0.100 i was able to just use

within DialogVideoInfo.xml.

With the later versions (including todays 1.1.10) it does not work anymore? (Above mentioned values seem not to be set) Is that intentional?
Just to clarify: Within my use case of DialogVideoInfo.xml i don't get any values at all. There is not even one movie which shows a rating of the above mentioned. Downgrading to 1.0.100: Values work again.

Thanks again for the great work!

Edit 2:
Is it correct, that the new version just requires changing
to now
and so on? Smile

Edit 3:
Seems to partly work - meaing: value "RottenTomatoesMeter" and "MetaCritic.Rating" seems to work similar as before - but "RottenTomatoesAudienceMeter" is still missing. Maybe it has been renamed? Hints welcome! :-D Thanks again.

Edit 4:
Source code of "script.module.metadatautils" revealed the new needed index names:



Further comments nonetheless welcome. Smile
(2017-03-04, 12:50)MB1968 Wrote: [ -> ]I upgraded to Kodi 17.1 RC (the so called shitty build for Android) yesterday and I'm having serious issues with animated fanart. For a lot of movies I prefer the jpg movie fanart instead of the (low resolution) animated gif file. I was always able to do so, by selecting the dummy animated fanart file (None) on the server of R Schiks. This worked fine on Jarvis with a previous version of the skinhelperservice (the version that stored the gif files in the thumbnails folder). However on Krypton, skin helper service 1.1.8 behaves unexpectedly. I'm unable to replace the animated fanart gif file into the standard jpg file. After selecting the dummy file (None), nothing happens. Kodi keeps showing the animated fanart file. I found out that the dummy fanart file is not being downloaded to the script.module.metadatautils\animatedgifs folder.

This will be fixed in next update, thanks for reporting.
(2017-03-05, 06:17)Bumpaneer Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry, I haven't been following in detail. Any changes necessary for skins to maintain compatibility with the new version? I checked the github wiki, but I didn't see anything specifically called out.

Well, most of the stuff is backwards compatible or just moved to a seperated addon.
I've created a Github wiki with all information that is provided, including links to the new seperated addons, such as the widgets addon and the skinbackup addon.

To summarize the changes:

1) All Window properties are now formatted in a more consequent way. For example SkinHelper.PVR.Blah changed to SkinHelper.ListItem.Blah.
All Window properties provided are explained in detail in the wiki. If you're using existing properties from the previous version it's just a matter of find-replace.

2) The Window properties with metadata are also available for the player.

3) Complete rewrite of the code so things should be more stable and most important more properly cached to not stress online resources.

4) Widgets are moved to a seperated addon, the old entry point will still work but will print an error in the log.

5) Rotating backgrounds are moved to a seperated addon: script.skin.helper.backgrounds

6) Color picker moved to a seperated addon: script.skin.helper.colorpicker

7) Skin backup moved to script.skin.helper.skinbackup
(2017-03-05, 11:41)tomer953 Wrote: [ -> ]personally i've been away for a long time from developing to kodi, but recently I found some extra-time to make Phenomenal skin for krypton.
I saw that you split the script into 3-4 services, I think I figured it out and changed what necessary, but do you have some "to-do list" with all the changes? or some post here that should I read?
Please read the post before this post ;-)

(2017-03-05, 11:41)tomer953 Wrote: [ -> ]b.t.w, one function that is not working anymore for me is:
I use this to switch kodi language (interface) with keymaps... can you check why it isn't working anymore ?

Thanks for the catch, it was indeed not working. Just fixed it and there will be an updated version available on my beta repo asap.
(2017-03-05, 11:44)essjayuk Wrote: [ -> ]Upgraded to new skin helper service. The random movie/tv/music/etc backgrounds stopped working nd the options for them disappeared from the background settings menu. Rolled back to previous version and the options came back and started working.

Your skin needs to be modified for the changes in the new version. Contact your skin developer, this is not a user support thread.
If you're the skinner yourself, take a look at the new script.skin.helper.backgrounds addon.
(2017-03-05, 17:08)Alanon Wrote: [ -> ]Marcel, I've had some Linux users tell me that the Alphabet Jump causes their cpu's to have 100% loads. They've done tests on several configs and cpu's, and every time deleting the code seems to restore things to normal.

I've implemented the jump bar following the example on your wiki, and for 80% of the skin views it's applied via an include. The rest have the same code in the views code itself. Is there any error in my implementation, or is this a legitimate bug? I don't use Linux, so I can only go by what I've told you here.

Did those users test it with the current new version of skinhelper ?
The old version had an issue with Krypton. If the issue still exist, ask them to try it with another skin which also has the jump bar implemented to rule out it's an issue in the skin code.

So far I did not hear about this issue
(2017-03-06, 01:51)KODser Wrote: [ -> ]don't know if it's something that i'm doing wrong or a skinhelper limitation, but when I open a info window on a movie or other content that is on the widgets, all the information that skinhelper is supposed to give, doesn't appear but if I open the info page on the library it works
Please test with next update, just fixed something regarding that.

(2017-03-06, 01:51)KODser Wrote: [ -> ]Also wanted to know what the popularity number on the tvdb means. it's a strange number.

In fact, I have no idea. It's provided by the API so it's outputted as window property.
It's some more form of counter to indicate the popularity of the show at TVDB