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Full Version: skin helper service
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You would have to change the maximum widget entries to 250. But it would apply to every widget AFAIK
(2017-09-07, 22:21)marcelveldt Wrote: [ -> ]
(2017-09-07, 17:32)Edworld Wrote: [ -> ]In widgets, can you condition to display all top250 movies and tvshows?

Offcourse, just set the limit to 250.

Or do you mean a widget which simply shows all top250 movies ?
That's going to be difficult if items are not in your library

Just saw your response, thanks!

With this option I will stop updating my library to have the latest and greatest top250
I would like a combined "inprogress" for movies, and "next" for episodes, sorted by last played, where the next episode gets added to the front of the list.

I found this in the readme, which is the closest I could find:
PHP Code:
and that's almost what I want, movies and episodes that are in progress combined, in the same list. If I play a movie and stop it, it goes to the front of the list, if I then play an episode it goes to the front, and so on.

One issue though:
for the episodes I would like to use the "next" action, so that it populates the list with the next episode when one is watched. Say I have S01E02 of tvshow X in the list, and I watch it, it just goes away (since it's not in progress anymore). But the show still is. I would like it to add S01E03 to the list, just like "next" does, and move it to the front. But still have movies that are in progress in the mix. If you get what I mean? Smile

I tried editing the script, like this (media.py, line 83, changed from self.episodes.inprogress to self.episodes.next):
PHP Code:
def inprogress(self):
''' get in progress media '''
all_items self.movies.inprogress()
all_items += self.episodes.next()
all_items += self.pvr.recordings()
sorted(all_itemskey=itemgetter("lastplayed"), reverse=True)[:self.options["limit"]] 
hoping it would be sufficient, and it sort of works.
Except for one thing (has to be something): it doesn't move it to the front, it gets added to the end of the list. Not surprising, since it's not the last played, it's just the last added.

Is this something that could be added (or modified in existing code, if not something you would like to add)?
Where is the artwork downloaded from for the pvr recordings widget ?
The widget for pvr recordings does not show images for all recordings. Some do but most of my Dutch recordings show a black thumb.

Can I add the needed images somewhere myself when there is no artwork found?

I can remember this used to be in previous versions but I can't find th artwork folder for pvr anymore.

Hi Marcel,

How to use plugin://script.skin.helper.widgets/?action=browsegenres&mediatype=movie&limit=1000

In Wiki there is this : For each genre, only 5 movies/tvshows are retrieved. Supported types: movie, tvshow (will return 5 items from the library for each genre) If you use randommovie or randomtvshow as type the library items will be randomized

I have try this but not working :


I have also found mistake in wiki : plugin://script.skin.helper.widgets/?action=browsegenres&mediatype=movie&limit=1000 not working

It's only working with plugin://script.skin.helper.widgets/?action=browsegenres&mediatype=movies&limit=1000

Same for tvshow

Request : Is it possible to have the same for genres artists ?
Does anyone know why my config tab in skin.helper.service is greyed out? I cant change any settings at all.
Tried with aeon nox, aeon madnox and estuary skin but same issue. using latest skin.helper from kodi repo and also tried zip from github.
Hm works fine with Titan skin. Dunno why i cant get it working in aeon silvo or madnox?
Latest version from repo is

Config tab for skin.helper.service doesn't exist anymore.
Try to find this module - script ....settings are there (Marcel split script in few module and script)
Just to clarify as I have been away for some months. the dialog video info is not showing any information from RT+metascore etc on purpose right? I need to donate and get an API key to get it working?
(2017-09-07, 22:51)Angelinas Wrote: [ -> ]@Marcel I don't have info or Art if play Episode from library(Kodi version Leia)
Can you check ...or it's normal to have only Kodi info and art Smile
ListItem are populated and working.

Is the Listitem.TvShowTitle info label filled properly (or Videoplayer.TvShowTitle in this case) for episodes ?
That's what's used to grab the tvshow data.
(2017-09-07, 23:26)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]I'm using it on season/episode and video player info dialog. Sometimes it only breaks in one of them and it works on another screen. It's completely random, but it will happen. Another thing is, that the container will be set to Container.IsUpdating for forever, even if the content is already populated. But that' a very very rare issue and I only had it a few times in the last weeks.

I'l sent you the link.

OK, thanks for the link. I will do some testing later this week.
(2017-09-08, 08:24)sualfred Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, it seems to be a Kodi issue. I've added a window property to check if the script is going to be triggered. It won't be filled anymore as soon the issue appears. I think it has something to do with the MyVideoNav.xml behaviour. Maybe I find a way to force a trigger visiblity.

Ah okay, thanks for the debugging on your own ;-)
I will also do some testing later this week, let me know if you find something in the meanwhile
(2017-09-08, 22:22)ryadre Wrote: [ -> ]Yea I looked at this, but as soon as I switch back to arctic zephyr skin it asks me to download skin helper service and straight away it throws up the error.

Sounds like your setup is messed up with different versions used together. Install all from scratch from the Kodi repo or install my repository to grab the latest versions.
(2017-09-09, 00:56)Edworld Wrote: [ -> ]I have a similar playlist, but it requires to continue to update the top250 movies...
Skinhelper widgets has a widget to display IMDB top250 in library movies/tvshows but I am unable to display all the top250 in my library.
I was asking if it was possible to display all of them, not sure where I can change the settings from 25 to 250.

Just add &limit=250 to the widget/shortcut path
(2017-09-09, 21:16)filigran Wrote: [ -> ]I would like a combined "inprogress" for movies, and "next" for episodes, sorted by last played, where the next episode gets added to the front of the list.
Is this something that could be added (or modified in existing code, if not something you would like to add)?

Yes, I have an idea in mind to create a "recommendations widget" similar to the recommendations row in Android TV which will have this behaviour.
I'm still working out how to get the logic right for that but expect something to be added within a few weeks.