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Full Version: Smart Playlist - can't find a next item to play
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System Information

Kodi 15.1 Compiled 8/16
Windows 8.1 Pro w/ Media Center
AMD FX 8350 64bit
16BG Memory

I created a Smart Playlist based on where my Music Videos are located on my NAS. I haven't been able to pinpoint a specific Video that causes it but while the playlist is playing randomly i'll get a can't find a next item to play error and you just have to start the playlist over again.

Playlist rules:

Limit To - No Limit
Order By - Random
Group By - Default

NAS - QNap TS-219+ running version 4.1.3


I haven't been able to find anything that could help me resolve it on the wiki or searching.

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this issue.
I've done a little troubleshooting attempting to figure out if this is a bug that needs to be reported or something else causing it and hoping to get any type of help. The image attached shows 3 songs, 2 of which will play in smart playlist and partymode and one which will not play in either.


The video on the far right is the one that will not play in any mode through a playlist but it will play fine if I just launch it and play the video directly.