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Full Version: V15 audio issue
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I have tried searching but have not found anything other than in the wiki...

under common issues it states:
v15 - For some users audio will take a moment (normally less than a second, but sometimes more) to resume when video is unpaused.

however, for me the wait is often much longer.... as in sometimes a minute or two.
and not just for unpausing... often right from the beginning of playing a file.

I tried with and without passthrough, along with every other audio setting.
sometimes I think I fixed it but then next video....same thing.

I am just wondering if this is being worked on or do I need to downgrade all my devices...

I really like the improvements of v15 but my family is giving me hell about this.... I finally convinced the wife to cut the cord with v14
and now I am getting the stink eye/bitch face on almost every attempt to watch tv.

is there someone specific to send a log to?