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Full Version: Kodi 15.1 TVDB/XEM scrapper problems
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This is my first time posting to this forum so please forgive me if I miss some protocol. I am running the Windows version of Kodi 15.1. For the past week every time I attempt to utilize the TVBD or XEM scrappers I get the following message, "Unable to connect to remote server."

Now obviously this means that the scrapper cannot connect with the databases. However, the funny thing is that I can connect to these sites via Chrome or whatever browser each time so it is not my firewall preventing connection or my IP address being blocked somehow. In addition, the error only comes when using my VPN. There are multitude of servers available and I have tried at least 15 different ones, all with the same result. Disconnecting the VPN allows the scrappers to work fine. The scrappers have had no issues working through my VPN for well over a year. The MovieDB scrapper works fine through the VPN as well.

My full Kodi debug log can be found here: http://goo.gl/0Hr2ez. However the error itself looks like this:

10:01:35 T:6372 ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: Timeout was reached(28)
10:01:35 T:6372 ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 0 for http://thetvdb.com/api/GetSeries.php?ser...anguage=en
10:01:35 T:6372 ERROR: ADDON::CScraper::Run: Unable to parse web site
10:01:35 T:6372 ERROR: CVideoInfoDownloader:Tonguerocess: Error looking up item Adventure Time

Anyone have any ideas how to correct this? Obviously I can disconnect my VPN each time but that kind of defeats the purpose of the scrappers running automatically at Kodi launch. Thanks in advance for your help.