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Full Version: Stupid Noob question...
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Not sure this is the right place to post but just a dumb question for everyone. Is there a music addon for Kodi that works more like a jukebox? I have been reading a lot of information but not sure if any fit what I am looking for. Basically looking for something that I can look through all my albums on PC and queue up songs as I go...not make a playlist, but rather queue them up just like an old jukebox would, and play them in the order that they are queued. Im sure some of you out there know what I am talking about. I do appreciate any suggestions that I get. Thanks for looking all!
Kodi has a queue option build in which creates a "playlist" in the order you add them to the queue. Same like jukebox.
It can be done using the context menu. It's C key or right click
Thank you for the answer. I was looking for this information also.
Can I convince anyone to rename the title so its easier to find this information about queue or jukebox function?

Further "stupid" questions i had:
1.How can see whats in my queue once i added several folders with fx. music
2.How can i randomize the playlist or play them randomly?

But after this hint, I found the answer here: link to kodi mediawiki