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Full Version: Music Videos - No Artist / Album Artwork
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Hey people, I'm working on adding music videos to my library, but I noticed that artist and album artwork aren't showing up at all. The artwork for the video itself shows, but anything above that doesn't. This is using TheAudioDB.com to scrape the information. The odd thing is, if I bring the info screen up on the artist, then the thumb image shows, just not on the list view where all my artists would show. Is this by design? I have no issue with regular music or my other video libraries.

Would a log be required for this? If so, how would I get the information? Remove my videos, and re-add them with debugging on?

Thanks in advance.
This I think is how it works:

1. For each music video, there is assigned a thumb art (frame grabbed from the video), poster (from scraper or musicvideo_filename-poster.jpg), and fanart (from scraper or musicvideo_filename-fanart.jpg or fanart.jpg).

Note: In MP4 files (at least) if a cover art is embedded it will be used as the poster.

2. For each musicvideo artist, the poster and/or fanart from the artist in the music library is used in musicvideo/artist view.

3. For each musicvideo album, no art is shown in musicvideo/album view.

Note: in Confluence, if you enter the music library and then go to music videos and artists, you can get the artist info dialog (i). If instead you enter the video library and go to music videos and artists, you can't. Don't know why but that seems to be how it works.

Actually I looked at a debug log and when you press <i> key (Info) what gets logged is:

16:22:11 T:6976   DEBUG: CInputManager::OnKey: i (0xf049) pressed, action is Info
16:22:11 T:6976   DEBUG: CVideoDatabase::GetMovieId (videodb://musicvideos/artists/3/), query = select idMovie from movie join files on files.idFile=movie.idFile where files.idPath=-1

which seems like a bug to me.

scott s.