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Full Version: I have a talk showing up in my movies section. Not sure why that is
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How would I dis-associate a file from a movie?

I have a folder called "Talks". It has a lot of conference talk videos in it and I like to keep that as a separate video section. It should not be mixed at all with the movie folder. All movies I have are in a separate movie folder.

Now I have one talk showing up in the movie section with a wrong title. If I go to Movie Information > Refresh I may enter a manual title, but that does not solve my problem.

How would I go about, if I wanted to remove that item from the movies section and only have it show up under Videos > Talks?
If you want to keep it at that folder location you can set content none on that "talk" folder and exclude from scan
Great! Thx Martijn, that did the trick.