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Full Version: Show more than 3 items for Recently Added?
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It seems the first reply to the OP in this thread 65691 (thread) no longer works -

ie: "<include name="recentlyaddedscript">" setting does not exist in my ~/Library/Application\ Support/Kodi/addons/skin.transparency file.

Is there a newer guide/thread that can guide me to increasing 'recently added' number of movies/tv shows to over 3?

Lastly, how is this not configurable in 2015? (assuming it still is not.. I wasn't able to find any setting - using Isengard 15.1 and downloading most recent Transparency skin)

Thanks in advance!
that's a very old post indeed.
the first part of it has been included in transparency by default now.
the recently added lists contain 10 items, you can scroll through those lists.

the last part, if you want all 10 items to be visible at once, further code changes are needed.
No, don't want all 10 items to be visible at once - only need to be able to scroll thru 10 items - thanks again!