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Full Version: Local Music Player Help- what do i need?
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I am stuck on 13.2 until i can get an SD card reader that works...running it on a raspberry pi A on my tv.

I would like some help setting up *a* music player but am not sure what add ons i need to get what i want.

I don't have an extensive library, it stored on my NAS accessed via ethernet under SMB. It is set out as two main folders - singles (directory full of single Mp3 files) and albums (sorted by artist - album name). I just want to be able to control different randomize options (by folder/subfolder) and have controls on screen to navigate by. Control by android device would be excellent too.

The default player is not at all what i'm looking for. My media is not tagged and i think this has confused it with artist /album sorting very messy. The options under "MUSIC" main menu are a mess since i imported to library. Plus there is no random function. And it turns off after about 20 mins of playing. I do not need any website streaming (i.e. spotify/pandora/soundcloud ect) just playing music of local drive.

I have tried researching Music Player Daemon but it doesn't make sense to me. I would prefer an option based on add ons as i have no experience in python or compiling ect. Need a GUI.

Sorry to babel and hope this all made sense. I'm sure there is what i want out there but i just cant seem to find it in the repo or with google.

Thanks .
EDIT - typos from phone Smile
You will probably need yatse or kore as a android remote.

Yatse has an "Party Mode (Audio)" that is the random that your looking for.

Regarding the non tagged files, I think your out of luck if you don't want to tag them. It can be done quiet painless these days using musicbrainz picard for e.g.
Thanks mate. I discovered party mode in the default player i didn't know existed. I was hoping to randomize by folder though. In regards to tagging, i tried musicbrainz and media monkey but the tagging actually made it harder to sort. With so many singles, my actual albums got lost in the albums directory and I still ended up with about 10% untagged. And A LOT of wrong albums and covers. Its all good, the process has lead me to understanding tagging more and how Kodi interacts with it so I can amend the tags in iTunes and then tag how I want but using say Genre as a folder name...so I will tag my New Music folder with a different genre to the rest. And I have removed the Album from my singles so now the Album menu option only shows full albums...

btw I have Kore but haven't used it with music. I will look into both. Thanks.
Just an update...I have used Itunes to "retag" my files...essentially, apart from the albums I really want to REMOVE all the tags so that my music appears in one big list. I am fine with this.

However, I have re-tagged all my latest songs as 2015 year so that I can quickly jump to a list of recent songs. However when I go into Kodi, it shows many files that aren't tagged as 2015 in iTunes.

Is iTunes not a good tagging software? I like it because I use it for the ipod already, and it has a nice big list and easy bulk functions - but these dont seem to carry across to Kodi...