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Full Version: how can i keep folder structure when browsing videos?
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I added my tv shows hard drive folder as a source, but kodi shows every tv show from every folder in one big list.

Is it possible to keep the folder structure when viewing this source?

Do i need to add each subfolder as a new source?
more info

if you're strictly viewing from the source add the folder structure should look the same as it does on your Harddrive. (scene through the Video panel on most skins if not all)

if you mean after your source has been added and scanned into KODI's library then I have yet to come across away to keep things seperate. perhaps viewing categories will help? I don't play with those much or know if you can edit files to customize them. being as some skins have SD or HD movies or 3D movies perhaps it is possible but by default for simply your own labels I haven't tried or come across anything. I'd hazard to say it would be some work to do that. I use subfolders myself but once things are scanned to the library I just leave them be. my biggest issue was subfolders being scanned as shows/movies.

and if you just add each subfolder seperately but set the content the same, as in multiple subfolders that are just different types of movies but still movies, they will all still be scanned to the movies library.