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Full Version: kodi and command forward
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good day for all
really i need help .
i just finish installing on my android box Kodi 15.1 Isengard. and it works fine. but a few bugs i would like to know how can solved with your help.
i enable TV setting. and it gives almost 300 channels. after enable my TV setting my kodi t takes longer time to open it. and another problem.
it is on shahid addon, by trying to watch the shahid VOD by series, and on any series , trying to fast forward to reach a previous point . the kodi closes and bring back to the main scream and i have to starts again. and i can watch any series , without using the command forward with no problem.
i disabled my TV, and still the same problem. i can not use the forward command on VOD. anybody has a solution. thank you very much for helping.
by the way . once i had 14.1 and 14.2 version i did not have this problem at all