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Full Version: Update custom kodi from box manufacturer
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my mxiii box came with a custom 'kodi 14.1' and it works great with the box and enables root access and a bunch of other features that i noticed missing when i downloaded 'kodi 15'. 15 would not request root access and it would always freeze the video while the audio continued, after a while the video would catch up. also the shut-down feature would not work either. so... i was wondering if the person/group that created this modified kodi have updated it to 15?? i really do not enjoy 14's addon layout compared to 15. i remember that the kodi 14.1 version was a '-dirty' Huh if anyone could provide info about this modified kodi it would be very helpful. all i am looking for is a modified kodi 15 that has root access and supports amlogic cpu's correctly so it doesnt do this weird freeze thing. Thanks!