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Full Version: kodi exits on it's own.
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Hello, I am sure this gets asked a million times...but I've spent 3 hours searching now, with no answers...

Background...just got the M8S box. It came preloaded with XBMC. Last night, first time playing with it, we watched a couple movies successfully from the video add ons spot.
This morning xbmc just keeps crashing as I navigate around it. So I downloaded KODI from the play store. Ran it, it still exits as I navigate...about 30 secs into navigation! I then deleted xbmc.
Kodi still exits on it's own. I use a remote keyboard, so I turned it off and used the M8S square edge (rectangular) remote and kodi still exits.

Please help! LOL I wanna get this to work well enough to cancel my cable tv!

Thank you in advance!!