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Full Version: Smart Playlist/custom node/tags for non sets
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I hope there is a simple explanation for this , I want to create a smartlist for movies that are not in a set - showing only single movies and not any movies that are contained in a set - but for the life of me cannot work it out.
The reason for this is I have sets in separate collection folders with a theme tune for the set - When browsing movies (total), I don't want any music chipping in when browsing over sets, so thought I could arrange separate singular movies from sets having two favourites in the sub menu- this is proving more difficult than it sounds. Any ideas would be most welcome
(I could probably re-arrange my sets to one collection folder across my server and use the playlist rule using path is/ but at over 100 sets would be a bit of a time consuming effort)
If there is a simpler answer using either a smart playlist or custom node or tags (again without having to mark each movie individually) it would be beneficial Smile
bump - anyone ?
Don't know if it would work for you but all the sets I have (scraped with Media Companion) include the word "Collection", i.e. James Bond Collection, Indana Jones Collection, etc. So, I can do a smart playlist using the rule "MovieSets does not contain Collection", which I think is doing what you're trying.
Not sure if that would work, or if there is no consistent word in all set names someone with sqlite skills could tell you a command to go through your Sets table in moviesdb appending Collection or similar keyword to each. Or you could export that table to csv, add the word Collection to each line using concatenate and then reimport that table to the library (though I'd definitely back up the db first).
That's all I got.
This .xsp looks odd but should work Wink

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="movies">
    <name>Non-Set Movies</name>
    <rule field="set" operator="doesnotcontain">
@WelshPaul - many thanks for the ideas but have gone with the other post
mkortstiege - perfect - it was simple after all LOL
mark as solved !
Hehe, don't blame you.

mkortstiege - does that mean that '%' can be used as effectively null or blank when that isn't one of the default options in the rules in the smart playlist creator options.