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Full Version: Timeshift solution with VDR and VNSI
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Hi all,

My setup uses VDR with the VNSI plugin as the backend and KODI with the VNSI client plugin as the frontend. The plan is to setup timeshift. However I am not 100% sure about the solution / setup.

Should I setup the timeshift functionality only at the frontend (e.g. KODI client) and how does that work if I want to lets say save a running program on the backend? Or should I setup timeshift at the backend (VDR server)? But in the later case I am note sure how the VNSI plugin would support it?

Any thought / Ideas?

Thanks a lot for your feedback / Nick
Timeshift buffers are created on the backend. THe timeshift settings available in "client specific" are for convenience and do the same as the settings on the backend.