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Full Version: Change Username
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I registered here a while ago with a throw away username, not expecting be using xbmc nearly 10 years later.

Is it possible to change my username to one I normally use on forums? If so how can I do it?

It has to be done by an admin.
What do you want to change your username in to?
Thanks - can it be changed to tredman please.
Great. Thanks.
Can I borrow this thread and ask the same thing?

This is extremely low priority, but can someone change my username from paavor to paavoris Angel

I use paavoris everywhere, but for some reason I used paavor when I registered here.. and I keep forgetting it. Big Grin
Thank you. Smile
may i ask for the same thing. can someone please change my username to "DanielEis" (without the ").
Being inspired by Memphiz signature, I'd like to change mine to iHateMemphiz Rofl
thank you Cool
Hahahaa and now you tapped into my trap :o)
Can I ask for a user name change to 'mellomade'? Thanks!
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