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Full Version: No TV with IPTV Simple Client
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I am running Isengard 15.1 from a M8S android box.

I can not get any TV through the IPTV simple client. The TV tab loads on to the homepage and all the channels are listed under the channels tab (although none are shown in the guide).
when I click on any of the channels a box appears at the bottom right of the screen that says "WORKING" it attempts to open for 30 seconds or so then nothing. I have tried many different play lists, I have even tried my own "local" playlists from a USB memory stick, they all load in the channels section, but I have never yet managed to get a single channel to open.
I can get some live TV from FilmOn.tv and Sport Devil that I open through the iVue guide, but I would like to get my own playlist sorted out.

I am very new to this so any help would be appreciated.
Have you tried clearing the cache in system, settings, tv, guide? It might work
I activated "TV" in the settings but in my home screen there is no "TV" Sad
this has most likely been posted 110 times, but I this same issue with my android tv box and kodi 15.2. is there any solution for this or is there something I'm doing wrong?
can anyone help me i have problem with Playlist Loader and Live tv i can see the channel put when i push it than doing nothing or he said PlayBack failed but whySad srry guys my english is not so good
what about the list? Is it local or from the internet? Can you post the list here?
I am running Isengard 15.1 set up the Simple Client but no Video popping out when the Channels called up ??
It is thinkable that some Internet Providers block certain IPTV-Sources. Especially if you access the internet via UMTS or LTE-Connection. It could be useful to install Kodi on another device (i.e. a windows or linux PC) and see if IPTV works there with your M3U (on the same internet connection).