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Full Version: Amber crashes my iPad instantly
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I have a very new Kodi install to my iPad. I installed Amber skin, and this now completely crashes Kodi... before I can select anything!! Is there a quick way to re-access Confluence skin, or do I have to do a fresh install??
delete your user profile under kodi, but first get me some log file so I can figure out why its crashing.

This install was done through Cydia... I do have a screen dump of those settings, if any use to you. Since my first message, I was able to boot Kodi ONCE, however, I was unable to find my way to delete user profile. (I also have a screen dump of the settings screen, however, there was no way to jump out of that screen, since there were no Navigation buttons visible!. Do you wish me to email the screen dumps?
uhm, no, i need to get to the kodi log file to see what happend