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Full Version: Digital Clock Screensaver 6.0.4 (Update 16.8.2023)
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Thank you for the kind words.

Unfortunately the reality is that it's not as simple as that.
All developers here do not get paid for any of this, they do it purely for love for Kodi and the users as well.
Some of them are not even developers (like myself).
They all have their personal lives with all sorts of problems and obligations in them, so at the end of the day they might just not have enough energy to keep on doing this.

My addon wasn't updated for 3 years, due to some personal issues I suffered deprecion and was barely managing my personal life and marriage.

I'm partially past that so I was able to invest time in getting this back on track.

There are skins and addons that I miss as well, I'm thankful to the people that created them as they made my life better while I had them and I wish them the best of luck with their busy lives.
Maybe some day, a gust of wind brings them back to us and they come carrying new gifts.
In the mean time new people will show up and create new things, or continue working on older things.

Just a quick tip: you can also hand over your email address details via a PM to other forum visitors, so that the details won't be public and fall into the wrong hands. Smile
I'll remove them for now in your earlier post.
Yeah I was concentrated on getting the issue resolved and I wasn't thinking clearly about other stuff.
Thank you
Any chance of adding an option to make a 12 hr format that doesn't have the 0 for single digit hrs ?

01:23pm > 1:23pm
Unfortunately no, as this info is being received from Kodi in the current format.
Shouldn't be but a few lines of code I would think, toggle to show or hide, but ok...

I mean we can custom code a date display...

Ex DDD m/d/yy

Or some such junk.

Custom time functions under the same set of code with i's and m's etc.
I'm not a developer, and I barely managed to make this Smile
If you know how to code this, please create a pull request and I'll gladly merge it.
If I knew specifically where the time display was I probably could. But you can literally change time 20 times over just flipping tags, at that point it just becomes redundant useless code but proves the point none the less that anything and everything is easily manipulated with php qhen it comes to date and time stamps.

So to specifically say it's not possible because of how kodi itself handles time is in fact a completely inaccurate statement.
To be clear I'm not a developer by any means. I just know enough PHP, Linux and HTML Etc to manipulate certain displays as needed but not go into Apps and change things by adding menu options and switches etcetera. I mean I do but it's a little more difficult when it comes to changing apps. Not so much so when you're developing a web page.

Like I was saying, if I knew specifically where the time display was. I'm sure I can manipulate it with a php tag or two to drop that damn 0 on single digit hrs on a 12 hr clock.
But ya, if you can tell me specifically where the time display is, I can easily write the if/else statement for you. But adding the actual menu option would be up to you.
it seem that the diaporama do not use the exif data of photos. So, very much photo from smarphones are oriented in the wrong direction. It should be great to fix that ! Smile
Hi! Thank You for this great screensaver. I have been using it for a long time.

Recently I started using the skin Mimic-LR ( https://forum.kodi.tv/forumdisplay.php?fid=218 ), and on that skin my layout looks like this :


On any other skin with the same screensaver settings it looks like this :


I have noticed, that in the folder "addons\screensaver.digitalclock\resources\skins\default\720p\" there is only "skin.mimic.xml" ... but the skin is called "mimic-lr"
also all the changes I make in the screensaver settings page are saved in "userdata\addon_data\skin.mimic.lr\settings.xml" file ... not in "userdata\addon_data\screensaver.digitalclock\settings.xml"

I have contacted the maintaner of the skin and this is the reply I have got :
Quote:These are questions that probably should be asked of the screensaver plugin maintainer.

I've installed that screen saver and taken a look.  It appears to keep most of its settings under addon_data/screensaver.digitalclock/settings.xml, (which is proper), but appears to be putting color selections in the skin settings.  Generally, a plugin putting settings anywhere other than it's own plugins settings is frowned upon.  I'm not sure why it's putting the colors in the skin settings.  Perhaps there's an expectation that skinners will want to take over those properties and set the settings for the colors as part of the skin settings (example, logic in the settings which sets a "theme" that sets those colors as well as the normal skin ones)

From the look of the resources/defaults diriectory in the addons, I notice 2 things:
1.  It appears to be written with 720p displays in mind, while most skins are now designed for 1080p displays, so I'm not sure if those scale properly or not.
2.  The vast majority of those skin defaults are for old skins (pre Matrix, and pre Leia) but the code falls back to skin.default.xml as the display if it cannot find one matching the skin.  Presumably, if you just copy the skin.mimic.xml to skin.mimic.lr.xml, it will then pick that up.  (a diff between the mimic one and default.xml only shows the mimic as having a couple font size differences though)

Perhaps there was an expectation that (similar to how a skin can "support" other plugins) that a skin could provide it's own xml for the display, but I do not see anything in the python code that would allow that. it appears to hard-code the plugin path for the xml file.
Could You please take a look at this problem? Thanx!
Following error dedected for skin mimic.lr:
1. Filename wrong
Instead skin.mimic.xml it shall be skin.mimic.lr.xml 
2. Name of the refeenced fonts
Instead WeatherTemp it shall be WeatherTempFont
see: C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\addons\skin.mimic.lr\1080i\fonts

Feature Requests:

1. Make font (-)scaleable (reduceable by %).
It would help (a) improve looks and (b) reduce energy consumption. Plus it would be (I suppose) easy to implement since (+)scaleability is already a feature.

2. A more granular weather information:
  • Wind direction.
  • Temperature feels like.
  • Dew point.
As long as these data are actually provided by the weather add-on in use and can be as easily exported to your add-on. (NOTE that "dew point" is the most scientifically accurate, and thus the only needed, measurement of humidity. Also note that in practice "temperature feels like" is never accurately measured/reported by weather stations, and is thus --in practice not theory-- redundant.)

Other than that no other information is needed (although many are indeed provided). This is an excellent and very much essential add-on: the screensaver screen as a giant clock/weather panel.
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