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Full Version: Digital Clock Screensaver 6.0.1 (Update 15.1.2021)
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(2022-06-15, 10:25)DiMag Wrote: [ -> ]@vdb86 

Feature Requests:

1. Make font (-)scaleable (reduceable by %).
It would help (a) improve looks and (b) reduce energy consumption. Plus it would be (I suppose) easy to implement since (+)scaleability is already a feature.

2. A more granular weather information:
  • Wind direction.
  • Temperature feels like.
  • Dew point.
As long as these data are actually provided by the weather add-on in use and can be as easily exported to your add-on. (NOTE that "dew point" is the most scientifically accurate, and thus the only needed, measurement of humidity. Also note that in practice "temperature feels like" is never accurately measured/reported by weather stations, and is thus --in practice not theory-- redundant.)

Other than that no other information is needed (although many are indeed provided). This is an excellent and very much essential add-on: the screensaver screen as a giant clock/weather panel.

Thank you for your message!
Both FRs are not possible, and let me provide the reasoning behind this:
- First of all, I'm not a developer, it's a miracle I managed to get this Screen Saver where it is today, I learned Python and how to use github on my own.
- Kodi is not really meant to have screensavers, screensavers are actually addons that are taking over your screen, and that whole implementation causes quite a few complications. Screensavers can't define their own fonts etc and rely completely on the current Skin and whatever data Kodi allows you to use.
- The weather information is received though InfoLabels:
Weather.Conditions    Current weather conditions – this is looked up in a background process.    
Weather.Temperature    Current weather temperature    
Weather.Location    City/town which the above two items are for    
Weather.fanartcode    Current weather fanartcode.    
Weather.plugin    Current weather plugin.
As you can see the data you'd want is not available to the screensaver, the weather addon might have this data, but Kodi doesn't allow me to access it.
- The font can't be scalable as it would look completely broken if each part of the screensaver was separately scalable.
Right now I need to apply zoom (or scalability) to the whole package when the screensaver is started, doing it for each element is something that can be done, but then we end up in a problem where the package doesn't have a properly defined size, and this is a problem even with the current zoom, but it kinda works.

If you'd like to try developing these features by yourself and you manage to get something working well I'll gladly accept a pull request.
Thanks for the quick reply.
I presupposed these innate problems/impossibilities and I just wanted to know what is possible within their constraints. As it turns out you have reached the limits of what is poosible.

One improvement I would then propose would be to set the default font color to something considerable less bright than bright white: beige, or pale teal, or pigeon grey. To eliminate the burden on the screen, the electricity bill, and the planet. Not that it is a big deal to customize the color, but once you do this is not saved for another skin and if you switch skins it becomes a real chore to have to re-configure the screensaver add-on. (A problem which affects all screensaver add-ons.)
Where does your add-on get its data about font sizes? From special://skin/...Font.xml? If do then the right font size can be tweaked there.
No hour 0 windows format doesn't work on rPi4. Both options still show a 0.

Using the Unix option is the only one that works. But using that option messes w the padding. Making the numbers look weird spacial wise compared to that of any other option.

First pic shows no 0 hr windows but still has 0, nums look fine.

Second is same but Unix, where numbers do not look fine spacial / padding wise.

The Unix one you basically got rid of the 0 but shifted the 4, left, for some unknown reason.

At the very least im at least glad you finally did my request even though i dont know when it was added.

But at the very least I will in the interim use the Unix no 0, but would love to see the hr, moved spatially right where it use to be w the 0 showing.
Nm, I'm an idiot. The win assumes I'm running windows lol

So that said... all appears fine, but would love a spatially right hr when using no 0.

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