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Full Version: Digital Clock Screensaver 6.0.5 (Update 2.1.2024)
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Suggestion: Add the Kodi logo to the saver somehow. Roku bounces the word "Roku" around. This should be labeled too I think. Either that or set a background with the Kodi logo with high transparency. Yes, I know I can do that myself... but why should I? Big Grin

Keep up the gud work. Love this SS!
Like I pointed out already, having a static image is something I'm trying to avoid because of the burn in effect.
Even though it's not that common with todays TV's and monitors I wouldn't like anyone coming back and saying that my screensaver screwed up their TV/monitor.
You have the slideshow option which will put any image file from a selected folder on your screen, that should be enough.
Fair. Attach it to the moving click then.
Attaching anything else to the clock would look weird and crowded, I don't see any reason to add the Kodi logo at this point.
(2015-10-23, 21:42)cnwoods Wrote: [ -> ]
(2015-10-23, 12:31)vdb86 Wrote: [ -> ]@ cnwoods, I've taken a look and unfortunately can't reproduce this issue.
Neither on my windows 7 laptop or on my Raspberry Pi 2 running Openelec.
I might have an idea what the problem is.
Could you try please skin mimic and let me know if that one works with my screensaver or not?

Thank you

I installed mimic and the font size looks good, however the second problem still remains together with the fact (which I forgot to mention earlier) of the time not actually being updated on the screen. The log shows a similar python exception to the one I quoted earlier.

Let me know if you want me to upload a full debug log.


I've found two bugs that were causing all those issues!
I tested everything mainly on my windows machine, but there are problems when you use some other operating system.
You should get an update soon and everything will work fine (hopefully).
The weather gets stuck on "busy┬░F - busy" from time to time. If I check the actual weather part of Kodi when this happens, thats reporting fine. Might be worth investigation.

OSMC compiled Oct 21 2015
KODI 15.2
Aeon Nox

That text busy shows up when Kodi updates it's weather information.
It should disappear pretty quickly unless there is a problem with your Internet connection.
Does it get stuck forever or what?
Yes. It's been stuck since I posted this. I need to cancel the SS and let it reactivate before it refreshes... then the cycle starts again. There is no problem with the internet connection. I've been streaming music the entire time.
Looks like it's Yahoo weather. It gets "stuck". None of the other providers will install/work , so I guess I'm SOL.
I made a special routine which takes care of Busy text, so it was pretty weird when you posted that it's stuck until you close ss.
I have RPI 2 but with openelec and everything works fine, you might want to try and check with Sam Nazarko or the rest of the OSMC guys if they know why that addon gets stuck.
I'm trying to use addon with picture slideshow from smb share, but screen stays black when screensaver starts (no time into either).
Everything works OK when i copy pictures to local directory and specify that directory or if i do not use slideshow background. Same SMB directory and pictures works ok with usual pictures browsing in kodi.
I'm using Android 15.2 kodi and 3.0.0 addon.
Any suggestions?
I haven't tried SMB shares, I'll take a look and see if there is something that should be fixed.
@optima, I've taken a look there's something weird going on.
Even NFS doesn't work, it even gets stuck in settings and you can't back out of it.
As far as I see this is all Kodi related, has nothing to do with this screensaver.
I think that there is some issue with Kodi and add-ons getting SMB (NFS) location from settings.
I'll have to do some more research and testing but at this point there is nothing for me to fix.
Local directories work just fine.
@optima, just checked other addons that provide slideshow, none of them allow users to use NFS or SMB, just local folders, I'll have to change the settings a bit in order to prevent users trying to use remote folders for slideshow.

Sorry about that!
Sad hope next versions of kodi would fix that problems.
Thank you!
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