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Full Version: odds retroplayer is in v16
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Anyone a betting man and know if this will finally make it in?
Considering the amount of work needed to get all cores working under OSX and Windows, and considering the fact that ARM is still far off, I wouldn't put my money on it tbh.
While I'm not gonna "bet" on anything I just wanted to point out that for RetroPlayer to be merged into master there's no barrier like "there have to be X emulation cores working on every platform". IMO having one emulator working on all platforms with proper input handling is good enough to proof that the system works. Getting other emulators to work on different platforms can still be done later and when we finally get binary addons updatable from our addon repositories they can easily be added for an already released version of Kodi. This is why I've always only focused on the nestopia emulator when looking at stuff because looking at other emulators as well just makes things much harder to test and debug.

Obviously I'd also love to play SNES or N64 games with RetroPlayer but getting these working will be much easier once the general system is more stable.
Although I largely agree, you already pointed out a big caveat yourself. ATM updates can only be released through new Kodi versions, meaning there are no options for the swift release of small fixes and features. Although I agree it is not necessary to have every core working, NES only would be a very limited release of retroplayer. Making something of a release plan would be interesting. Smile
We don't do release plans. Things are ready when they are ready. And in the last two months I've been constantly working on getting the binary addons system ready to be available through addon repositories. Chances that we will see this in Jarvis are much higher than seeing RetroPlayer in it.
I wasn't referring to dates, but a definition of 'ready' would be interesting. There are a lot of features still being worked on, but at what point would it be considered for integration in Kodi? Is there some sort of checklist that Team Kodi uses?
Not that I know of. I've been working on my media import feature for over 2 years now (with a lot of idle time) and it works great in a lot of cases but it is also a bit awkward and buggy in other places and I don't feel comfortable with it being merged into master until some of the major quirks have been taken care of.

So first of all it is up to the developer to decide when he thinks the implementation is ready. Then it gets reviewed to improve the code and also discuss specific approaches/decisions and to get other platforms up to speed.
It's a bit tricky to talk about "retroplayer" being merged, because there are frankly a lot of pieces in play. For example, retroplayer requires a new way of handling input. That's much further along than other pieces and would likely be merged before something like the player or the new VFS.
Hopefully its done in small bite size chucks, so it gradually goes in. But who knows, its still being actively worked on.
It would be awesome to get all the underlying parts merged in mainline plus one core ie NES. People shouldn't worry about having core XYZ..like PVR if there is interest then someone will code it.

Making xbmc work seamless with retroplayer + inputs is obviously the lions share of work. Would be awesome if it gets in but hopefully people don't bust devs balls if it doesn't. These guys are already working their asses off trying to get it done.
It was not in v15, then please integrate it in v16. Or at least start to implement some pieces. Retroplayer would be the killerfeature for v16
It will be a killer feature no matter which version it gets in.