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Full Version: grouped recording thumbnails support
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I am not sure this is the right place to make a Kodi feature request regarding the PVR changes for Kodi 16 but I wanted to throw this in the mix.

Currently I use ServerWMC as a back end. It logically groups recordings of the same name into logical folders. It would be great to support thumbnails on these folders.

Currently if there is more than one recording in the group it just displays the stock folder icon. Either displaying the thumbnail of the latest recording or as the Dev of the ServerWMC backed suggested the stock image of the program from the guide. Either or both would be a great addition.
Yes, I would really like to see a folder thumbnail implemented for grouped recordings in kodi16 (if it's not already planned). Either by having the backend pass the folder image to kodi or having kodi generate it.
That would be awesome to incorporate it into v16 if possible. I know that the list of changes to the PVR looks impressive already
This would make the recorded TV menu so much more appealing. It would be a great feature.
I am not sure what needs to happen on the back end to make this happen, but either supporting done kind of thumbnail pass through from the latest recorded episode or downloading from some web scraper would be ideal