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Full Version: MySQL Isengard Issue with Library Clean
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Since updating to Kodi 15 I have had issues with the library clean function. I removed some old folders of shows I no longer wanted to be stored and tried to do a clean. It asks me what do I want to do with the items in each of my two sources.

I did some searching and this seems to be a message for unavailable sources. If I go into movies and click on a movie it plays, if I go into a show and click a show it plays. My sources are fine but the cleanup seems to think otherwise.

I do not have sources set on any of my machines, as they are setup in mysql on the server.

My source are as example as shown in mysql:


This happens on my FireTV box as well as on my windows machine. On my windows machine I can navigate to these locations without any problems and play the media; as I can also do from within Kodi. I'm not really sure why it keeps saying this. I have not changed anything since updating from 14 to 15 and I use the clean function quite often when I rename files or folders inside of my source folders to make the naming more aesthetically pleasing.

Also I should note that updating the Library works fine. Always finds new shows / movies. Clean does not clean though due to the messages that always pop up.
DEBUG simply shows

DEBUG: CUtil::GetMatchingSource: no matching source found for...

and then pretty much every file in my library.

Is this because I don't have locally specified sources?

EDIT: I went ahead and added the sources manually and I'm not seeing the error anymore. I'm getting these now which I'm assuming are the auto deletes that I want.

Thread JobWorker 6764 terminating (autodelete)
Right. Add those as real mediasources and it should work.
That appears to have fixed the issues for now. Not sure why this has changed in the new build but I guess I'll just use my PC to run the cleans when I need it. Hopefully this helps someone in the near future until the problem is taken care of.
It's no a problem as this is by design. Kodi will prompt the users how to handle items from the unavailable media source instead of just removing them.
I understand that but I have never had my sources locally specified and its always worked until build 15. Well since 14 at least. It's already setup in mysql.
We added this because users complained about messy libraries where outdated stuff was kept instead removed.
How could I watch shows and movies in my Library if the media sources are unavailable. It seems to me that the Update process is properly handling the fact that the sources are being remotely specified but the cleanup process is checking for locally configured sources and then failing because they don't exist.
Let me explain it Wink

We check if there's a source for the given file instead of blindly checking the actual existence. This is because checking dozens of files on a unavailable media source (powered of NAS, not connected USB drive) takes ages.

Since it's not a big deal to actual add the media sources this shouldn't be a problem. Of course this is a change in behavior but it only happens for a small percent of the userbase.
(2015-09-02, 15:36)mkortstiege Wrote: [ -> ]We added this because users complained about messy libraries where outdated stuff was kept instead removed.

Clean Library, to my recollection, is not new to build 15 for removing old entries from the database, so I'm not sure I'm following your answer.
Talking about the code behind the button ..
So you have to have locally specified sources now is what I'm taking from that answer? if so that is fine, it just seems odd that I use mysql to handle this but I'm still having to add the local sources. I'm fine with this if that is what is was meant to do.
Jep that's how it's working right now.
Sounds good. It seemed to work fine this time but I know in 14 when I would try to add the source locally and use mysql I would end up with duplicate entries in the database.
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