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Full Version: iMDB Top 250
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Hi. I followed this reply below to get the top 250 iMDB list but it's not working.

(2014-06-15, 21:39)Warner306 Wrote: [ -> ]There's an easier way to create an IMDb Top 250 playlist than putting files into separate folders by using the built-in playlist tools. They are already capable of finding the Top 250 tag if you scrape your collection with the Universal Movie Scraper:


On an unrelated note, an Oscars Best Picture playlist is a similar type of playlist that can be created by adding a suffix to the file name of all Oscar winners and then setting the playlist to filter by files that end in ".oscars". That is another of my favourites.

I've used the universal scraper like the link said.

Anybody else have any luck in this with Transparency?

See my screenshot.
The smart playlist should look like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<smartplaylist type="movies">
<name>Top 250</name>
<rule field="top250" operator="greaterthan">0</rule>
<order direction="ascending">top250</order>

Of course if you haven't scrapped the top 250 or set-up up your scraper for it, then the .nfo will not have that information. Check with a text editor one of the top 250 .nfo and see if the tag is listing inside <top250>145</top250>

If not, you might have to re-scrape the lot, or use an add-on like 'Rating Update' and relax.
Sitting back and scanning ATM :}. Link for anyone wanting the same. 107331 (thread)

I was having trouble with the Universal scrapper not pulling info from dbmovies so I reverted back to the offical db one.

So this is a godsend.

Can you explain where the top 250 .nfo file is?

What I've got in roaming/Kodi is the files:

Thanks for taking time to help.
All working now. Thank you for your help.
The top 250 is always in flux depending on the votes of the db you access, I find that using an add-on like 'Rating Update' always keeps me in check.
I've 125 movies so not doing too bad Smile

Just wonder if there's any way to autostart it in the adv. settings xml file. Say every month. Maybe something to ask the dev.