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Full Version: Website Poll Suggestion
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I'm new here so I would like to apologize if this suggestion has already be requested.

I've been going through the specific video/audio "addons"presented on the website and find that even though the alpha-numeric listing order makes sense to find a specific item, it doesn't help in my decision in finding an "addon" of value that's generally liked by many. Most of the time, I literally spend hours going and applying an "addon" that I later am forced to remove because of its requirements or lack there of.

I would like to suggest that the "addons" viewer poll be made showing the best video/audio "addons" selected by the users in top-down order. Currently, there seems to be literally hundreds, and growing number, of "addons" posted on the site; unfortunately, too many to randomly select and make good choices based on their written, and usually one sentence, description. I may be missing some really good works as a result.

I feel that this will save the users quite a lot of time and help make the information presented more user friendly and valuable. Thanks.