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Full Version: Editing videoOSD.xml Question
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Hi there major beginner here just looking for some help.

I've been messing around with the aeon nox videoosd.xml file and basically I am aiming for the bottom bar and buttons to stop disappearing and act similar to the seek bar when paused, this Video(only 37 seconds) highlights the issue better than I can explain. Just curious what is causing the bar to disappear as I cant seem to find the difference between the seek bar and the bottom bar. I messed around with the animations etc but I kept having the same issue.

Any solutions would be much appreciated thanks.
This might highlight it better, so this is what it looks like when paused initially

However about 30 or so seconds later the bottom part disappears and ends up looking like this

I am essentially just trying to get it to stop from disappearing and get it to stay like the first picture however I a having difficulty achieving this and I am just looking for some guidance as to how to proceed with this issue
It would be easier for you to post the xml files to be looked at since there could be a few reasons why this is happening.
Fair enough thanks for your reply.