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Full Version: Item in favoirites can not be removed?
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Hello all,

I am using Amber skin on a Windows 8.1 OS and I like to add current shows I am watching into my favorites tab. I can be in any plug-in and find the show and easily add the shows, but for some reason there is this one show that is in my favorites that will not allow me to remove it. I tried adding it again and removing it. All it did was add a second of the same show in the favorites menu and then remove that second clone from the favorites menu leaving the first copy still there. I do not want to have the show sitting there for the life of my laptop. Does anyone know what is causing this error? I have looked into the settings and favorites settings and the settings for the plug-in but I can not find anything relevant to removing this show. Please help! =/

Thank you for your time,