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Full Version: Amber on Openelec on Pi2
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Hey guys, need some help on this one as its driving me mad. Been using Plex on a Raspberry PI2 for a while now and I decided to take the plunge and switch to Kodi and use this awesome skin as I have been using it without issue on my Surface Pro.

Now the problem, I installed the latest stable version of Openelec with 14.1 Helix installed the Amber skin, setup everything without issue until I came to the users part. I am the main user and have my daughter setup as separate user with restrictions so she can't see any inappropriate films. Now when I switch to her, all the Plex headings vanish and she can't see anything. If I switch back to me they come back. Anyone know what's wrong and how or if there is a way to fix it?

Secondly, using the Amber skin, lots of video just don't play, they say opening stream and nothing happens, switch to the standard skin and everything plays as expected, its all very strange.

Anyone offer any trouble shooting advice?

not sure about the first issue, on the second issue of things not playing, this should not be an issue with the skin,
can you post a debug log ?