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Full Version: Live TV Video Hardware Acceleration
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Sorry if this is the wrong place for this question. I've been troubleshooting a buffering issue that I have when watching Live TV via NPVR in Kodi (I think this is a relatively common issue - though I've yet to solve it for my system). I had the same issue previously with XBMC.

I was wondering if the GPU is used for hardware video decoding for live TV or if the TV Tuner is used. I can play 1080p mkv's and playback of 1080i OTA recordings without issue on my system with hardware acceleration enabled, but I always have a buffering issue trying to watch live TV (which is worse for HD channels than SD channels). My CPU and GFX cards are both decent but my TV tuner is garbage, so I thought this might explain my issue and point to a potential upgrade to get everything working better.

Alternatively, is there a way to use software acceleration only for live tv? My cpu runs hot, gets loud, etc... so I prefer to use my gpu as much as possible, but I don't watch a lot of live tv so this might be sufficient. The software encoding I use in the NPVR client directly works just fine.

Try enabling settings-->video-->playback

Refresh rate to always and sync video playback to display

That solved my live TV/active recording issues
Thanks - I'll give that a shot.