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Full Version: some little changes
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Hi there Smile

atm i'm setting up my AFTV stick and the Eminence Skin looks very nice, but there where some little things, that i dont like, so i just changed them.
and why not share my changes wither other people Wink

just a quick overview over the changes:
- edit Powermenu, remove shutdown and reboot, add the option to deactivate/activate powersaving
- move down the CodecInfo when pressing "o" in Fullscreen so its no longer hidden from the MovieInfos
- add Seeking Indicater in Videos, show the seek step and also the seek destination

atm its not multilinual, if you wont use english, just open the File "Includes_Header.xml" and edit in Line 292 the Word "Seeking" to your like.
if you use a FireTV or FireTVstick, i included a readme.txt in the zip file.

you must have the original skin installed in kodi to use this changes.

eminence-skinmod-eng.zip (Mediafire)

Also included in the zip File are the Background that i used in the Screenshots and also added 2 splashscreens to use on FireTV/FireTVstick.

And here some screenshots:
(yes, screenshots are in german, so no "Seeking" in there its "Suchlauf")

If you like the Skin and may have some ideas for changes, feel free to post them, if i find some time, i can try to add them.
Sorry for my ignorance, but how do you apply these changes? Through addons? Or something different?