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Full Version: KODI on Samsung Tizen TV's
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Hi guys,

Can you tell me if there are any plans to include a distribution of Kodi to run on the Samsung Tizen TV system?

Or if there is a legal way of deploying Kodi as an app from USB or something ...

not working yet, but AFAIK MrMC is working on a port
That is great - is this likely to be an official release, as in, downloadable through the Samsung TV itself?
for MrMC, yes.
Absolutely amazing - I cannot wait. Thank you.

Roughly speaking MrMC - how long do you think it is going to take?
until it is done Smile it's a long road filled with detours and potholes.
(2015-09-18, 19:32)MrMC Wrote: [ -> ]until it is done Smile it's a long road filled with detours and potholes.

Don't forget dragons, fairies and goblins.....
and lots of popcorn.
And 1channel won't work on it ... Wink
all pirates and parasites must die Smile
Hi all,

Any progress with this port for kodi? I have a 2015 4k Samsung and having to deal with Plex is slowly making me insane. Kodi (and xbmc) has never failed me. Can't wait till its on my Samsung TV!
Hi There,

Waiting for this, just buying a Samsung with Tizen.

I would not count on a port of Kodi for Tizen. There is no maintainer on our side (at least not that i know of). It might be only MrMC that has Tizen support in the end.
Thanks Memphiz. Waiting for MrMC news.
Are we there yet? Are We there yet? Are we there yet? Rofl
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