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Full Version: How to install new VDR Plugin in OpenElec?
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I want to install the VDR-manager plugin on my wetek running openelec 5.95.5.

I've got the plugin from here:


And now have absolutely no idea what to do next! I assume I need to unzip it somewhere - could anyone advise where?
I think the openelec forum is the better place for this, since they are officially supporting the wetek. What needs to be done: compiling the plugin for the system (armhf?), adding it to the vdr-startup-script and copying the needed configuration files. I've done this for my cubietruck, but I have no clue how this works on openelec.
It is built in to openelec/ vdr just go to settings in vdr
Realise this is an old thread, but am trying to get VDR streaming LiveTV [/u]to Android devices...
If it is built in to openelec, which plugin is it? (Can't find a VDR Manager plugin??)
And if it DOES need to be built, how do you do that on a device with (relatively) no GUI, and limited software?