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Full Version: Kodi shut down under Max 10.7.5
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Hello from germany

I use Kodi 15.0 on my Mac Mini with OSX 10.7.5.

Today I have many crashes with Kodi. I insert new movies and while this action the programm breaks multiple times.
Then when i insert all new movies i will export the Mediathek and the programm chrashed again.

Does anyone know what happend ?

Thanks Steve
I don't have an answer to your problem, but I would suggest you post the crash report to pastebin and post the link here. You should also post a link to a debug log (wiki).
I initially began posting this as a possible related issue but now I'm not sureā€¦

I'm also running 10.7.5, but with Isengard 15.1. When Exiting Kodi it "hangs" for about 2-3 minutes before quitting. Initially I thought it was locked up and I'd force quit out every time, but after deciding to exit normally and wait for some kind of error to debug the issue it did eventually quit. It takes this long every time. I switched back to Helix for a time and it takes maybe 5-6 seconds at most. Hope this helps somehow and maybe leads to a solution to the long quitting time also. It's rather annoying.