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Full Version: Section Closed Movietitle
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Kodi was working fine until today. But now each new movie that I'm adding is scraped correctly (right informations, posters etc.) and afterwards the title is changed into "Section Closed". Does anybody know how to solve this issue?
Start with a full debug log (wiki) while it's adding a movie to the library.
Here is my debug log: http://xbmclogs.com/prys2d29v

Quote:15:16:21 T:1718166352 DEBUG: scraper: ParseIMDBAKATitles returned <details><title>Section Closed</title></details>

So is IMDB telling Kodi that the title is "Section Closed"?

Here is another thread regarding the same problem so maybe someone could link them together?
239491 (thread)

EDIT. It looks like it's a problem at IMDB. If you are using IMDB as search engine there will be no connection to the server. Searching themoviedb.org works fine. Also if you are changing "get titles from" to themoviedb.org the issue with "Section Closed" as title is solved.

EDIT2. It seems like the IMDB Servers are broken. You also can`t access the site via Browser.