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Full Version: Synology DiskStation DS215j
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Synology DiskStation DS215j

I'm having trouble finding a compatible twin (or even single) dvbt2 tuner for this synology here in the UK.

Anyone any suggestions or have experience of one that works.

I have a August dvc-t210 but cant get it working.
I've got 2 x PCTV DVB-T2 290e with I used to use with my synology for freeview HD in tvheadend.

They're quite rare and you should NOT get the 292e as it doesn't work (unless it's changed in the last few months).

Think it'll cost you at least £100 to get two, if you can find them. Might be better to get a wetek openelec box with dual satellite inputs if you have a sat feed. You can use it to just run tvheadend if you want and only costs £80 all in.

edit - couple available here: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.vie...ID=EBAY-GB
Thanks Tredman, exactly the kind of good info I was hoping for.

Added it to my eBay watch list.