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Full Version: TV show scraper without season/episode
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The PVR I use is NextPVR. It saves season and episode as part of the name, and Ember does a great job picking that up correct. Where I struggle, is shows that don't have seasons or episodes per se - things like NBC Nightly News. The file name looks like this: NBC Nightly News_20150922_18301900.ts

I added the follow regex _([0-9]{4})([0-9]{2})([0-9]{2})_[^\\/]*$ and checked "by date" on the TV Shows File and Sources --> regex tab, but it doesn't seem to work. That same regex worked in Kodi, so how do I get Ember to correctly parse the file name?
You can use the same regex in Ember like in Kodi, but you have to proper escape the special characters. You can always test the regex on https://regex101.com/.

So you don't have escaped the "/" at the end of the regex. The fixed and working regex is:

Thanks, it works!

And awesome website - thanks for telling me about it.