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Full Version: Can you re-order the home menu items?
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Is it possible to do this? does it have to be done by hand editing the XML files?
If you mean the things like the add-on icons, then no, only by manually changing either in the set-up screen or XML file (I already made the feature request here for a better way to rearrange things in the GUI).

Or if you mean the sub-menu items available for various menu entries on the main ribbon, that's only by file-hacking too.
Can you point me in the right direction on what file(s) need to be edited for the sub-menu?
It depends a little on what platform you're running Kodi on. You can find the skin's files in your Userdata (wiki) folder under addons/skin.amber-master/1080i . I would start by looking at home.xml there, but as you can see there are several files there which may also come into things.

It's not something I've personally done in detail aside from a few small tweaks (I've never tried to mess with the menus), so maybe Jester or one of the other skin devs may be able to give you more specific pointers.