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Full Version: Tvheanded for record on Openelec
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I have one RPI2 with Openelec on it.
I've installed backend and frontend TVheadend on the RPI by the openelec plugins.
I can go on the configuration's website of tvheadend by localaddress:9981.
But I don't have a tv tuner.
But I can watch tv by IPTV with a .m3u file with simple iptv client.

I need tvheadend for can register program by IPTV.

Must I need a tv tuner for tvheadend work? Or with my configuration I don't really need a Tv tuner?

How can I do?

Thanks you for your help.
Looks like a non kodi question, head on over to the tvheadend support channels. I am pretty sure tvh does work with iptv but that's a tvh question.
Sorry I don't understand what you mean...
This is kodi forum. You want tvheadend forum.
Technically you can use any input in tvheadend, but it's quite an advanced feature. Normally you would use a TV tuner. Ask in #hts on irc.freenode.net if you have any questions regarding tvheadend that are not related to Kodi in any way.