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Full Version: Series Recording menu item texts missing.
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I am using Kodi Isengard on Windows with the Amber skin. When I program a show to be recorded, the text of the menu items in the Series Recording menu are missing. In Confluence they are present.

Did I misconfigure something, or is it a bug?


Its not a bug, but a known limitation of Amber. If you search this forum you will see how some people have addressed it by copying some of the skin files from Confluence into Amber, so I won't go into it again here.

I love Amber myself and I have been using it pretty much since the get go for me (2 years). I sure would like it if the people now supporting it tried to improve this particular short coming. But in my case, I just use X-Newa and go to NextPVR's web interface and it is easy. But of course, if you aren't using NextPvr, then it is another story.

In general if Kodi had a tighter link into the PVRs it would be great. Until then we just have to accept what we have (which does work very nicely).