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Full Version: Kodi name trademark and unofficial remote apps?
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Doesn't this unofficial remote named "Kodi Control Center"violate Kodi's trademark policy?

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Understand if this would maybe be OK to let slide if it was an fully free and open source app, but is"Kodi Control Center" remote app is closed source and can be classified as commercial with is in-app purchases to upgrade it:


I'm willing to bet that a lot of people confuse this unofficial remote app like this with the official remote app when they are named "Kodi.." like this apps is and the official is named "Kore...".

Official:Trademark_Policy (wiki)

Sure that there are other apps too in Apple's App Store and Google Play Store that also does not follow Kodi's trademark policy, but the one mentioned above is also active here on this community so is maybe easier to reach out too for compliance.