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Full Version: pvr.iptvsimple and hls redirects
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How can i get the pvr.iptvsimple to support hls 302 redirects. I see it making the call to my load balancer which returns via 302 redirect a new url. The CDVDInputStreamPVRManager::Open - stream opened: http://lb.domain.com:1935/redirect/1/tes...d=xxxxxxxx

Of course this doesnt work, and the player just stops. Any ideas? I have seen other posts with similar issues, but no real solutions. I would really not like to have to bandaid some kind of code if there is a proper solution that can be implemented.
Try version 14.1 and see if it works.If so, similar issue was reported here also:

Seems they broke it with the newer versions and I hope they will fix it.