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Full Version: List of Confluence addons?
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Today i just stumbled on the Global search add-on which is supported by Confluence without any changes... I've been trying to achieve the same thing for years via the Kiosk menu but its not nearly as clean as this plugin.

Is there a list of add-ons that are support by Confluence? I don't mean confluence mods (where its a an entire new skin with customization) but plugins or add-ons that change the native Confluence skin?

Look at https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/tree/master...uence/720p

The bottom 5 xml's should give you a clew.
nice, thanks... im going to give the "next aired" one a try... sounds like it could be good
Not really, just because its supported I wouldnt rush into it.

Theres some addons that just dont behave nicely and this is one of them. If you experience issues, disable these